Asteroid Itokawa Had A White Dome On It Which Has Disappeared

This is bizarre and I like to use that word a lot because I primarily write about really bizarre UFO sighting’s right, but this is spectacularly bizarre if it’s true.

The Japanese Space Agency JAXA sent a satellite called Hayabusa out into space for a long mission (2 billion miles) to the asteroid Itokawa which has been predetermined, but why get a sample from this asteroid in particular?

Asteroid Itokawa had a white dome on it but it's apparently disappeared now.

Asteroid Itokawa had a white dome on it but apparently it’s now disappeared from it’s surface.

It’s space and everything is moving in a relative constant manner and so predicting when and where it will be and other constants can be easily explained and predetermined quite easily.

The satellite or probe (whatever you want to call it) Hayabusa set off on a predetermined flight path and right on schedule light years later it pretty much rendezvoused with the asteroid at a particular place at a specific time, on time!

It took it’s photo’s and gathered information using the array of on-board sensors and instruments that the satellite was installed with.

Here’s a quote from UFO Sighting’s Hotspot:

New images of the giant Asteroid Itokawa (Its size is 540m x 270m x 210m) taken by Hayabusa JAXA Asteroid Explorer probe shows a huge mysterious spherical object above the so-called ‘Woomera Desert’ of the asteroid. Since its launch on March 9, 2003, the asteroid explorer Hayabusa has succeeded in interplanetary flights. After its 2 billion kilometer journey, Hayabusa arrived at the asteroid Itokawa on September 12, 2005 and has carried out scientific observations on the asteroid since then.

UFO Sightings Hotspot

It’s been on a very long journey to get there which begs the question why has Japan taken such a huge interest in this unusual shape asteroid? Does the Japanese Space Agency JAXA know something about this possible Alien outpost that either only they know about or that NASA has tasked them to investigate?

It’s a fair question because the satellite took photo’s one time and there was no white dome on the asteroid and then JAXA took another photo of the asteroid and there was a white dome that had appeared from presumably nowhere?

What else are we supposed to believe or think come to “think about it” because it’s a straight up enigma.

Why has Japan visited this asteroid in particular just to get a sample instead of the many, many other asteroid’s that are plentiful in space? Maybe Japan has discovered this strange dome anomaly? What’s your thoughts on this?

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher

There’s a really good comment left on the Above Top Secret website forum thread that pointed out water could have melted when the asteroid was close enough to a Sun on it’s long, long voyage through history. Here’s the actual quote:

Water ice, in space, water has its own gravity, so it forms a globe, I presume sometime in the past the asteroid was close enough to the sun for the water to melt, form a globe, then reformed into ice as the asteroid left the suns heat.


There does seem to be photos with the white dome and photos without the white dome on asteroid Itokawa! Either way it should not be able to do a Houdini disappearing act at all. It should still be there. Above Top Secret website has a thread open about this which you’ll find here.

Here’s the Mundo Desconocido YouTube video description which has been translated into English from Spanish:

In 2003, the Japanese probe Hayabusa was launched with the intention of photographing and analyzing the Itokawa 25143 asteroid. During the imaging of the probe, a photograph shows us a strange spherical object of apparent large size, later photographs show said free asteroid of that spherical formation. The AJAX (Japanese Space Agency) seems not to deliver any more photographs to the public that could unveil the mystery, despite the 1500 shots taken, only a small part of them are made public. What is that strange object…? Perhaps a non-terrestrial base that uses asteroids as platforms or stations for some unknown purpose? Why does Japan select said asteroid? Perhaps they had previously observed some anomaly? In the following video, we tell you the facts.

A 2 billion miles away journey just to get any old sample makes me wonder if it’s all it seems to be? It’s an awfully long journey just to get a sample that they could get anywhere?

Here’s the extraordinary video which is in Spanish but the just is that the white dome is there and then it’s not there:

If you’ve got any thoughts or opinions on this I’d like to hear from you in the comments section below, cheers. Also please share this post, thanks.


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