Alien Implants: Definitive Proof of Abductions?

According to reports from people who have been abducted, strange things often occur during abductions. But nothing is more mysterious than the alien implants discovered in these people.

Implantes alienígenas: prova definitiva de abduções?

People often doubt abduction stories, but what happens when there is hard evidence? The clearest proof that aliens kidnap people could be extraterrestrial implants.

The Mystery of Alien Implants
It is difficult to establish whether an abduction is real or not. It usually comes down to trusting the testimony of people who have been impacted, but skepticism often stands out. Physical proof is therefore crucial when it comes to aliens or UFOs.

Because of this, it was recently reported that the Pentagon spent over $22 million analyzing UFO reports. in just over 3 years.

But there may be stronger evidence, not the gap in the study of strange flying objects.

Numerous witnesses who claimed to have interacted with aliens had strange markings on their bodies, including implants that experts were able to remove.

The case of the alien implant is unexpected, as it corroborates the veracity of the narrative. This information can be considered as scientific proof regarding aliens and kidnappings that have long been sought after.

Roger Leir, a surgeon, presumably had the most experience in removing extraterrestrial implants. He explains that he performed 17 operations during which he removed small, unidentified things.

The magnetic properties of these small inlays and the fact that some of them transmit radio frequency are noteworthy features.

Other items, including those made from the metals gallium, germanium, platinum, ruthenium, rhodium and iridium, included pieces of meteorite.

Leir reviewed the pieces with Alex Mosier, who has a doctorate in philosophy, chemistry and physics. He discovered wires that resembled carbon nanotubes remarkably well, indicating that the fragments were fabricated. Furthermore, he claims that complicated engineering is necessary because they are difficult to produce.

Several years later, tests were carried out on the removed subjects and extraterrestrial implants. An article published on the Mufon portal made this claim.

Implantes alienígenas: prova definitiva de abduções?

Definitive evidence?
The initial round of surgical procedures involved the removal of objects, which were examined by two different pathologists before being transferred to several independent laboratories for full scientific study.

Pathology/tissue assessment, laser-induced breakage spectroscopy, metallurgical testing such as density immersion test, X-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction pattern, and electron/property analysis were some of the tests performed. fluorescent and magnetic. Isotopic range tests were also performed.

New Mexico’s National Institute of Scientific Discovery, Technology and other impartial laboratories performed all these tests.

Another unexpected element is that incorporation of foreign bodies into tissues normally results in an inflammatory reaction, which can be brief or chronic and involve fibrosis and cyst formation. However, this was false.

The metal objects were found inside an extremely tight and rigid gray membrane made from a clot of protein, pure keratin hemoseridin, according to the pathology results of the first two surgeries.

Basically, the outermost layer of skin cells and blood proteins.

Furthermore, these biological cocoons contained nerve proprioceptors, pressure cells, and nerves of the wrong tissue type for that area of ​​the body. When exposed to UV light, they also displayed a vivid green hue.

Leir stated that the individuals he removed the extraterrestrial implants from had no scars or skin changes. No symptoms of inflammation were seen, but X-rays revealed the object. something that seemed unattainable.

On March 14, 2014, Leir left, leaving his study incomplete. The conundrum is further complicated by the fact that science, including medicine, has been reluctant to evaluate people who claim to have been abducted.

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