Why Did The Anunnaki Aliens Thousands Of Years Ago Abandon Earth?

Why did the Anunnaki leave humans behind when they left our planet? One thing is certain: the Sumerians and Mesopotamians’ old gods arrived on Earth 445,000 years ago.

Humans were compelled to work as gold miners for the Anunnaki at the period, and they were required to make various sacrifices to the ancient gods.

However, if they were able to take our entire globe in a second, why did they leave us alone on this planet, in this Solar System?

The Anunnaki’s departure, according to Zecharia Sitchin, author of the must-read book The End of Times, wasn’t planned; rather, it was caused by a civil war between the Anunnakis’ two rulers, Ishtar and Marduk.

The civil war erupted as a result of the conquerors Ishtar and Inanna’s unwavering determination.

Before becoming interested in Marduk’s Tower of Babel and city of Babel, Ishtar and Inanna had already conquered Africa and Egypt.

After admiring Babel’s splendor, Ishtar declared war on Marduk and attacked him, beginning in the Second Pyramid War on that day.

Marduk, on the other hand, was more crafty, defeating both of them before banishing them to their home world. Then he proceeded to construct the magnificent Babylon.

His reign, however, was short-lived. Marduk was deposed in 556 BC by Bel-Shalti-Nanna, the High Priestess of Sin, who effectively exiled him and the rest of the Anunnaki.

The Priestess then appointed her son Nabonidus as Babylon’s king.

The Anunnaki were forced to leave the spaceports of Teotihuacan and Nazca, which are still visible in America today.

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