Do Animals Walk in Circles to Protect Themselves from Predators? Or Is Something Big Coming That Threatens Us All?

What is the logic behind animals moving in circles in different regions of the planet? Some believe that these phenomena have to do with the big earthquakes that have occurred in recent days, but perhaps also with the bigger ones to come.

The great mystery of the sheep! Hundreds of sheep walked in a circle for more than 10 days in Inner Mongolia, northern China. The sheep are healthy and the reason for the strange behavior remains a mystery.

Sheep were filmed walking in a circle ‘for 12 days’ in Mongolia. So what’s the problem?

The news that sheep started walking in circles in China quickly spread around the world and, as a result, many people started sharing videos with similar anomalies observed.

Meanwhile, the problem is growing and has already spread to horses in Mongolia:

Some strange things also happen to birds:

Birds fly in circles:

25 Roosters circle around a dead cat. Why would they move around a dead animal and what are they trying to protect with their formation?

In Mexico, a bunch of caterpillars went crazy:

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