Hybrid Humanoid Observed by Spirit Rover on Mars: Evidence NASA Manipulates Images

NASA’s concerns about hiding crucial information from the public all the time have been confirmed by the latest hybrid hominoid that was recently captured on video by the Mars Spirit rover.
The strange alien in the video below walks around completely ignoring the rover’s presence. Many scientists believe this is a sign that the creatures have no respect for the rovers and that NASA is hiding their presence so as not to disturb them.

The image was not considered a hoax until the movie Paranormal Crucible addressed the issue. Any Internet expert who says they have found evidence that NASA has manipulated data in the past.

If this turns out to be true, NASA would be completely exposed to using his images for profit. NASA employees will be forced to resign.

That’s not what he said in 2013, when he claimed he was offered a UFO icon and asked to spot it in the past. It turned out that the person who sent him the photo was the one who deleted the flying saucer photo, it was all a hoax.


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