Russian company will launch its UFO-shaped ships in 2024.

If all goes according to plan, by 2024 a UFO-shaped Russian airship will carry out loading and unloading operations without the need for ports, highways, airports or runways.
Russian aircraft manufacturer Airship Initiative Design Bireau Aerosmena (AIDBA) is developing a prototype of a 600-tonne aircraft they have named Aerosmena. The car is shaped like a flying saucer, but it will not initially be in service until 2024.

The aircraft was created to carry out transport and logistics tasks without the need for a landing strip. For this, it has a pulley system, which makes it the perfect airship for maritime and land transport.

This facilitates, for example, the unloading of containers in ports. With this vehicle, there will be no need for trucks to collect the material and store it in the ports, since Aerosmena will be able to transport containers from ships on the high seas to deposit them directly at their destination.

AIDBA plans to build more than one aircraft with this Aerosmena project. Not only will there be an aircraft capable of carrying 600 tons, but there will also be others that carry between 20 and 600 tons. With this project, the Russian company ensures that a door-to-door logistics concept will be created for the transport of goods and merchandise to remote areas without roads, small islands, deserts and mountains.

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