Humans from another galaxy sent S0S signals and NASA received them

The UK Ministry of Defense declassified the UFO Files, where it was explained that the space agency received “signals of a human civilization” from another planet.
Some time ago, NASA began to search for extraterrestrial life, however, no signal was received from space… at least so it was thought. The UK Ministry of Defense recently declassified the seventh batch of UFO files from the National Archives, which explain that the space agency has received a “signal of human civilization” from another planet.

One of the files contains an article from the September 15, 1998 edition of Weekley World News, Volume 19, Superscript 51. The article tells how NASA detected and decoded signals from human civilization.

Supposedly requesting help since they were doomed on a planet outside of our galaxy.

Signs of a human civilization on another planet

The signal was detected in January 1998, although it took several months to decode, the article said.

Experts claim they have intercepted interstellar distress signals from a human civilization. It is said to have peaked and was going extinct when humans were still in prehistoric times.

But only in the last few weeks have radio astronomers and experts found the key to cracking the language based on mathematics. This translates the desperate plea for help.

Russian space scientist Viktor Kulakov leads a United Nations research team at a state observatory 80 kilometers northwest of Moscow, according to a NASA source in Houston.

The signal came from a point beyond our Milky Way galaxy, possibly from the Andromeda galaxy, Kulakov said. He also claimed that it was created about 80,000 years ago by a human civilization more advanced than ours.

The fact that we received and decoded the message shows that the knowledge and technology of that civilization were better than the terrestrial one.

But despite being much more advanced than us, the death of such a civilization was not the result of a cosmic catastrophe. It was the result of its collapse, possibly due to the devastating use of some nuclear weapon.

the end of civilization

The scientist declined to provide a transcript of the message, but said it began with a guilty plea. Then came the request for help, and finally it passed the location data.

There are also exact descriptions of the devastation; explosions, widespread death and terminal illness.

The message contained an underlying sense of resignation and guilt. It’s as if the sender realized that the end of his planet was his fault.

Everything seemed to indicate that they had no way to evacuate the rest of the population. They may be able to perform interstellar travel, but only to a limited level. The message clearly indicated that they were trapped.

Kulakov is believed to have been covered up and fired by NASA. Also, all links linking you to the agency have been removed. It only remains as a strange note, as an atypical testimony.

Another point to take into account is that the Weekly World News, the newspaper where the article was published, was discontinued. It was also branded as a “conspiracy” medium, for which reason its veracity was questioned.

Some believe that Kulakov’s testimony is real, others that it was just another sensationalist article. However, the mystery is still present, and the possibility that a human civilization has communicated with us exists.

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