Fallen Angels are Screaming under the Euphrates River! Biblical prophecy being fulfilled!

Several Videos Viralized through social networks showing strange sounds “SCREAMS” that supposedly would be coming out of the underground of the Euphrates River.

Theories immediately emerged saying that the sound could come from four fallen angels who were imprisoned there and who would be released at the End of Time. Have the four fallen angels of the Euphrates River really been found?

Revelation 9:13:14:15

13: Then the sixth angel sounded his trumpet, and I heard a voice projecting from the four corners of the golden altar which is in the presence of God, 14: saying to the sixth angel who wielded the trumpet,

“Release the four angels who are bound by the great river Euphrates!”

15: Then the four angels who were prepared for that exact moment, day, month and year were released, in order to kill a third of all mankind….

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