OSNIs: Shocking Data and Information Finally Published “Objects with Transmedia Capabilities”

There is no longer any doubt that UFOs are real and their capabilities are beyond our imagination. However, there is a phenomenon that few people know about: OSNIs. Today mysterious facts are revealed about these unidentified underwater objects.

OSNIs become as important a “problem” as UFOs for the military. This is revealed by surveys conducted in recent years.

OSNIs: Shocking Details
Radar video from a US Navy ship showed the presence of at least 100 unknown objects in California in 2019. The military dismissed the objects as drones because they had disappeared underwater.

Ufologist Jeremy Corbell, the only civilian named at the congressional hearing on UFOs in May, has released a wealth of evidence corroborated by the Pentagon.

There were six in total and one of the exhibits was presented during the public hearing. Scott Bray, deputy director of naval intelligence, said he was “reasonably sure” the objects were drones.

However Corbell argued that if they are drones like the unmanned objects seen earlier then they are unconventional.

These objects hovered at an altitude of 6,400 meters for four hours, flying at 255 kilometers per hour. Furthermore, they dove into the water until they lost their way.

Since the hearing Corbell has tried to show the public and Congress itself that he was deceived. “They are withholding information.

Jeremy Corbell

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, he said:

“UFOs are real and remain a bigger national security problem than we thought.

But while many people are debating whether they are drones or UFOs, the videos shown by Corbell show otherwise. They disappear into the water.

This point is crucial as it shows that these technologically advanced vessels of unknown origin defy the principles of resistance.

Infinitely More Advanced

“We understand that they disappeared into the water, which led to the hypothesis that these objects have transmedia capabilities.

Transmedia is the ability to travel through space, air or sea without being destroyed. They therefore defy all known laws of inertia.

These objects would therefore be OSNIs (or unidentified underwater objects) and would escape our understanding of the inertial effect. For example they move faster than the speed of sound without causing a sonic boom.

According to Corbell who has a myriad of sources this ability has led the military to believe that they move without being affected by gravity.

He explained that OSNIs appear to be surrounded by a gravitational distortion field. Something beyond the technology of any land army in a war scenario or not.

The Senate Intelligence Committee passed a bill last week that specifically mentions “unidentified undersea aerospace phenomena.” This lends even more credence to the USOs (Unidentified Submersible Objects) hypothesis.

The bill will increase transparency and promote efforts to reform the declassification process. In any case, this is what a joint declaration of June 23 between Senators Marco Rubio and Mark Warner states.

Jeremy Corbell said he is aware of similar occurrences in the same operational area that are not public. As well as events in the South China Sea and current active war zones. This means that objects are regularly observed and pursued, or ignored by the US military.

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