Immense Artificial Structure Discovered at the Bottom of the “ATLANTIC OCEAN”

This discovery is part of the secret operating bases in Antarctica and fell into UFO research.

We approach the submerged structure. It appears to be a 23 mile old bridge.

The entire region around and under the bridge indicates that there is an entrance under the bridge.

The road leading to the bridge appears to lead to an underwater base and a bizarre-looking zigzag structure that resembles a conduit.

We measured the building and found it to measure 150 miles by 85 miles. It is interesting that the lines of the zigzag structure have the same dimensions as the zigzag construction.

Image enhancements:

These are not natural structures, are they man-made constructions or extraterrestrials? Who designed them? How do they get there?


1° 9’6.08″ L 43°47’18.02″ S 43°47’18.02″ S 43°47’18.02″ S 43°47’18.02″ S 43

51°56’5.50″S 5°33’2.62″W Zigzag Structure

42°25’28.66″S 0°27’1.34″W (possible base)

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