In Two Months Something ‘MYSTERIOUS’ Killed About 60 Cows in Colorado

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On October 4, 2022 in Colorado near the town of Meeker a rancher found 18 of his young cows dead. The animals’ bodies lay alone, but all together in an area just 2.4 kilometers long. That is, whatever attacked them, it was probably the same object (?).

Most of the bodies had no visible wounds, but some showed marks like wolf claws. Some of the carcasses were found with perforations, as if they were fangs, and their tails were removed.

Autopsies were inconclusive and when parks and wildlife officials checked they found no signs of wolves, dogs or other predators in the area.

From October through the end of November while experts were looking for the culprit, over 40 young cows mysteriously died on Colorado farms. And in each of these cases there is also absolutely no sign of wolves, coyotes or any other habitual predators.

Then a version appeared that the cows died due to the bacterium Clostridium chauvoei that causes the so-called emphysematous anthrax in cattle (popularly called black leg) – an acute infectious disease that causes swelling of the muscles and rather quick death. But analysis of samples in laboratories did not confirm this version.

“There is significant autolysis in the skeletal muscle sections making interpretation difficult. However, there is no evidence of necrosis or active inflammation to suggest a black leg.” (Colorado State University Diagnostic Laboratory, October 20, 2022)

“In the tissues examined there are no microscopic lesions that would explain the cause of death of this animal. There are no signs of inflammation, necrosis or degeneration.” (Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab, October 21, 2022)

The belief that wolves were to blame led authorities to look for signs of wolves in a variety of ways. They used aerial flights, howling baits, and hunting cameras to look for wolves and wolf tracks, but to no avail.

There have also been no confirmed reports of wolves in the area, just a few unconfirmed sightings leaving officials confused and frustrated according to

And if they were wolves or dogs, then why didn’t they gnaw the corpses of dead cows? Not a single dead cow was found even lightly eaten. Very strange.
The investigation is still ongoing.

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