Time Traveler: A Plane Will Soon “Disappear in the Bermuda Triangle”

There are currently several users who claim to be time travelers, but none of their predictions have come true yet.

Another of TikTok’s alleged “time travelers” who calls himself Eno Alaric and claims to be from the year 2671 has exposed that a passenger plane will “disappear” on January 1, 2023.

The tiktoker whose username is @radianttimetraveller has built up over 26,000 followers on the app by posting announcements about upcoming events.

The creator has already made warnings about twin planets with Earth, extraterrestrial visitors and even portals that open to other times. now he has claimed that the aforementioned flight will soon be presumed lost in the “Bermuda Triangle”.

made other predictions

In his clip he also made the following claims:

November 30, 2022: The James Webb Telescope discovers a reflected version of Earth.

January 1, 2023: A passenger plane disappears while flying over the Bermuda Triangle.

May 15, 2023 a mega tsunami hits California, mostly San Francisco.

Viewers were divided on the video with some saying the self-proclaimed time traveler has watched too much TV and it’s hard to believe what he’s saying.

Still others argued that viewers shouldn’t take anything seriously as it’s all entertainment.

Is it possible to travel through time?

Time travel could theoretically be possible, but in a recent study Igor Smolyaninov and Yu-Ju Hung of the University of Maryland determined that traveling into the future is nearly impossible because time cannot fold back on itself and neither can events. that have already happened. happened can be undone.

Along with his team he also suggested that particles in our universe are incapable of going back in time. Scientists have accepted that the results are not conclusive and there should be more before they are categorical on the matter.

Other predictions given by “time travelers”

Another tiktoker (@realtiktoktimetraveler) claimed in a prediction clip that half of the United States will be destroyed in just 12 years.

Among his other predictions is that scientists will discover signs of alien life on two different planets in just three years and that aliens will be more intelligent than humans.

These are the dates:

In 2023 they will revive the megalodon

In 2025 scientists discover signs of life on two different planets and prove to be more advanced than humans.

A meteorite will hit Earth in 2034 and destroy half of the United States.

And these are the ones offered by @timevoyaging

January 4, 2023: A bunker that holds secrets of ancient civilizations is discovered.

April 28, 2023: Amsterdam is hit by a meteorite

As we wrote at the beginning of the article, there are several alleged time travelers on the Internet that describe events and dates, but so far none have come true.

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