General Aviation Pilots Are Being Encouraged to Report UFO Sightings

Ever been flying and seen something out of this world, or so you thought? Now there is a way to report this.

Enigma Labs, a global platform for sightings of unidentified underwater aerospace phenomena (UAP), is now accepting applications from members of the aviation community, including general aviation pilots, flight instructors, students, military aviators, and others.

According to officials at Enigma Labs, a private and independent technology company that is building “an empirical and reliable network of UAP sightings to support airmen and researchers,” investigative efforts and aviation security have been “impeded by a lack of coordination and access to quality information. 🇧🇷

Reports are uploaded to the enigmalabs labs website. You can file a report using a pseudonym if you feel more comfortable doing so, officials noted.

Anyone who chooses to sign in may be contacted publicly or under a pseudonym for further communication, officials said.

Enigma Labs employees note that they will never pass on personally identifiable information to third parties, including government organizations.

“Unknown phenomena have been witnessed for years but have escaped the scrutiny of analytical minds in the absence of publicly available information and the stigma of filing a formal witness report,” says retired Navy Lieutenant Commander Alex Dietrich, a veteran combat pilot who testified. a UAP from its F-16 off the coast of San Diego in 2004.

Dietrich works with Enigma Labs as a consultant in a “collaborative effort to dispel the stigma surrounding the UAP discussion and support data collection,” the officials added.

“We recognize the courage it takes to present and report an anomalous event,” said Enigma Labs founder Alex Smith. “There has historically been some stigma around this topic, but the tide has shifted dramatically towards productive and open dialogue in recent years.”

Pilots with UAP sightings who are interested in beta testing the labs invite-only mobile app can apply using an email, link to sign up HERE. The company has plans to expand the app to a wider audience later, officials noted.


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