The strange ‘alien message’ delivered by a Mexican pilot in 1976 while flying

The XB-ZOX plane, driven by Rafael Pacheco, was lost to radar in Mexico City for an hour.
On June 21, 1976, the XB-ZOX plane, driven by a young apprentice pilot, was lost from Mexico City’s radar for an hour, after which time it appeared in Acapulco, a destination that normally requires a three-hour flight. flight in an aircraft of such characteristics.

However, it is not the aforementioned fact that makes the case one of the greatest mysteries of Mexican aviation, but that Rafael Pacheco Pérez, a student at the Mexican aviation school, could have been in a trance when the plane was flying over space. aerial of Puerto Guerrero. he sent a strange message to the control tower:

“We are only using the pilot as a microphone, you are not alone in the universe,” the alleged alien said through the pilot.

“We don’t matter, it doesn’t matter where we come from or where we come from, as long as you know we are beings in this universe you belong to. Our planet is many light years away from us, but it’s confusing to see. Repeat before: we are physically the same as you, and I repeat, all races in the universe are physically the same.

“You are not alone in the universe, there are other races that are moving away from you, but we are watching you,” at which point the message apparently concludes.

Carlos de Kretschy, the traffic controller who receives the message

The person who received the words from the Acapulco tower was the air traffic controller Carlos de Kretschy, through the frequency of 123.45 MHz.

It would have been he who notified the authorities of the Acapulco airport about the atypical behavior of the pilot Rafael Pacheco Pérez and requested that they close the runways just to wait for the XB-ZOX plane, which after a few more laps through the Diamond Zone, landed. no hiccups.

Once on the ground, they carry out studies on the pilot

After landing, an Aeroméxico technician realized that the plane had almost run out of fuel, which was strange since the flight between Mexico City and Acapulco would consume almost all of it.

Rafael Pacheco was detained for investigation, particularly on suspicion of being drugged, but when the doctors at the Acapulco Health Center said that he was completely fine, with no substance in his system, disoriented and without apparent mental disorders, Surprisingly. The events of the day were recorded by the Ministry of Transportation (SCT).

It must be said that this was one of the first solo flights by Rafael Párez Pachecho, whose mission for the day was simply to fly over Chimalhuacán and return to Mexico City.

Rafael Pacheco would never fly a plane again

The case shocked Mexico for a few weeks. The Mexican press obtained some statements from the pilot apprentice, who said that he did not remember anything and that he did not believe that the beings that possessed him were good as he said in the message to the control tower, because if they were they would not have gotten him into this problem. . He never flew a plane again.

In the following video you can listen to the audio in question from minute 01:26.

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