Stanford scientist had three UFO encounters and claimed to have seen gray ETs

In a recent interview with Chrissy Newton’s podcast The Debrief, Stanford professor Dr. Garry Nolan, discussed a number of subjects, including his line of study and UFOs. After conducting studies on contactees’ brains, he became one of the faces of the UFO phenomenon.

But there is additional secret information that Dr. Nolan has revealed in recent interviews material that offers a new way of looking at the reality of UFOs, which is more complex than simply flying alien vehicles.

doctor Nolan is an immunologist at Stanford who has published more than 300 academic papers and holds 40 US patents. Additionally, he has received accolades from Stanford University, which named him one of the top 25 inventors in the university’s history. His involvement with UFOlogy would therefore contribute some factual information to the discipline.

He expressed his thoughts on the UAP topic becoming political during his 90-minute conversation (see video below) with Chrissy Newton. He also spoke about his work in locating physical evidence of a region of the brain where one’s intuitive powers may be located.

It is interesting to note that Dr. Nolan began by talking about his own childhood UFO encounter. He remembers having three encounters with phenomena in his life.

[Their first interaction] “Well, it was in a house that my parents first bought when we moved to the States. It was basically little boys in the room and I remember calling my brother. I didn’t understand how it could be two or three of him and then faces in the window and stuff like that. I mean, aside from the memories of them being in the room and being a little scared… it wasn’t until almost 30 years later that I found out from my brother that he had seen things too.

[His second interaction] “In our second home, I was a newsboy and went from house to house. Early in the morning I saw something over my head. I mean, it wasn’t just like Far Over My Head, it was like 30-40 feet just in the tops of the trees. I can’t say it was exactly saucer-shaped, because all I really saw were the lights and a kind of vague outline against the sky. Because the lights were so bright and but I didn’t know what it was, I mean I saw it go by, it was silent. I mean, at best it could have been a balloon, but I don’t know of any balloons that are traveling at tree height.

[His third interaction] “I was a graduate student here at Stanford. I was in a bookstore and buying science fiction books. I found two books, one by John Mack and the other by Whitley Strieber. I remember seeing the cover and realizing it was a face I had seen as a kid looking out the window or in the bedroom. The thing over the window, it was like six or seven feet off the ground. There was something very tall hovering. I remember every hair on my body standing on end when I saw him and I dropped the book because it was like this guy knows what I saw. I didn’t know anything about the whole UFO Arena. I mean, I read science fiction, but I never read about alien abductions or anything like that.”

Discussion of the highly functional reproductive group of humans [based on empirical evidence of highly dense neural connections within these specific regions] is followed by Newton’s discussion of research on the basal ganglia of the brain and the caudate putamen regions.

Motor control, planning, intuition, anticipation, and downstream executive function are all mediated by these brain regions.

These people (sages, highly qualified people, CEOs of companies, etc.) were overdeveloped in relation to the typical densities of the mentioned places. 1/100 or 1/200 people have the trait.

He stated that the likelihood of two people with these enhanced qualities meeting each other by coincidence is extremely remote, and in those cases they created breeding pairs of people with these enhanced brain characteristics. According to him, this would eventually turn into a separate race of humans within 100,000 years.

Later in the talk, he mentions the CIA’s remote viewing program, overseen by Dr. Hal Puthoff, and says the aim of the study was to get participants to focus on the “remote viewing” signal rather than the overlay their brains created for the signal.

Findings from his MRI scans demonstrate that he has these enlarged brain regions. To focus entirely on the “signal”, a highly experienced meditator may be able to block out all background “noise”.

Studies conducted 60 years later supported one person’s “gut feeling” about the putamen caudate’s genuine purpose. Everyone in the relevant government, according to Dr. Nolan, are aware that “something” (ETs, extraterrestrial beings, etc.) is present.

Entities represented here are placeholders or interaction icons; they are essentially biological androids (he stated this in an earlier interview), created to interact with people and shape humanity under the direction of an outside intelligence.

The issue is that, rather than being limited to alien beings, the phenomenon appears to be a variety of different things rather than just that.

He used the example of eight different groups that might not agree with each other, some of which might see human beings as resources while others might see us as a valuable asset that needs to be protected.

High-ranking militaries may be using UAP technology and trying to understand it, or they may be afraid that if the rest of the world uses it, it would undermine their own power.

In a different interview with Event Horizon, Dr. Nolan said some models suggest life could have originated somewhere else and then traveled there. It presents examples of elements that are genuinely present here and were created by the explosion of other stars, meteorites, etc.

According to him, if the panspermia hypothesis is true, life in the universe could be based on DNA.

Strangely, he makes this claim in light of John Ramirez’s assertion, made in an interview a few months ago, that we are connected to extraterrestrial life and the product of genetic manipulation.

This is in line with Luis Elizondo’s comment that, from his understanding, we are part of “humanities” in the plural, multiple forms of humanity present here, extratemporally (time travelers) or in the cosmos. Elizondo is the Chief Officer of the CIA’s UAP program and is currently the US Space Force contractor.

Nolan spoke about his involvement in collaborating with the government in the investigation and examination of people who have encountered UFOs in an interview with Ross Coulthart on Australian station 7News on August 21, 2022.

Nolan claims that a group of people involved in collecting UFO debris for secret government projects will soon come forward and reveal what they know.

Nobel Prize nominee Professor Garry Nolan said he “knows” that there has been an “active cover-up” by the government. “I spoke to people who are about to come out and report this,” he declared.

Coulthart mentioned that the Department of Defense (DoD) recently announced the establishment of a new office dedicated to the research of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) or UFOs. An investigation would be carried out starting in 1947, the year Roswell was discovered, Coulthart noted.

“When you say the government is involved in a cover-up, do you think they’ve been hiding it the whole time?” asked Coulthart. “Oh yeah. I know it’s a fact because I’ve spoken to important people who are about to come out and report this,” Nolan responded. “And there was an active cover-up. Just look at what the Department of Defense (DoD) announced recently. They announced an office to study the phenomenon. Putting money aside, they say they will start the study from 1947.”

“What is awesome. Roswell took place that day, according to Coulthart. “Yes, 1947. And we want a list of all the things they did to mislead and mislead the public,” Nolan continued. The biggest government cover-up in modern history will soon come to an end, he said, as people involved in recovering UFO wreckage will soon come forward and share what they know.

Furthermore, Jim Semivan, a former CIA agent, made a startling comment in which he said, “there is a whole other reality that surrounds us that we simply do not have the ability to observe or connect with”. He fiercely said that non-human intelligence is living with humans on Earth. “There is an entity out there! There is some kind of non-human intelligence that lives with us on this planet,” Semivan said.

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