Time Traveler? A man with a mobile phone in a 1943 photo

A 1943 photograph of a man “talking on a mobile phone” has gone viral on social media.
Reporters discovered that the photo was actually taken in Reykjavik, Iceland, in 1943. The image is of an American soldier, but this person in a white coat is definitely not a soldier, and is obviously different from the others in the photo. person holds an object in his hand and brings it to his ear like a mobile phone user. And he is with his mouth open, that is, apparently photographed at the time of the conversation.

And next to him there is no one with whom he can talk, no one looks in his direction.

Social media users quickly concluded that the photo was of a time traveler that he didn’t expect to be taken.

“He was alone, he was wearing a different headdress and a different scarf than the others, he was behaving like we do today and talking on his cell phone,” wrote Christian Hofmann, who first posted on the Icelandic Facebook group.

Skeptics, on the other hand, believe that the man in the photo may have looked at his watch at the time the photographer was working, or decided to scratch his ear.

Still, the man’s hand must be holding something flat and rectangular. If it’s not a smartphone, what is it?

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