A Wheel-shaped UFO Approaching the Sun? Science Has an Answer

The sun is one of the closest stars we can study. Since 2008 NASA has put two spacecraft in orbit around the Sun, tirelessly observing it, collecting scientific information and taking pictures. But the two spacecraft called Stereo A and Stereo B capture images of much more than the sun. They are capable of recording images at some distance from the sun. This is due to its orbit, which is about 95 million kilometers from the surface of the Sun.

Artist’s impression of the STEREO twin spacecraft studying the sun (image credit: NASA, JHU/APL)

These spacecraft are actually two eyes that look at the sun and collect data. Stereo A and B observe the Sun in ultraviolet and X-rays. These observations allow us to develop 3D models of what is happening on the Sun. In March 2020, the Heliospheric Imager monitored the solar winds and interplanetary space.


At first glance everything was fine. In the images we could see the Earth and Venus. But suddenly a strange object appears moving at incredible speed from the outer asteroid belt. The object that looks like a circular structure connected to another internal structure is heading towards the sun. It does not resemble a natural phenomenon like a solar flare, a magnetic field or a plasma discharge. As the object moves towards the sun it appears to do so by projecting what appears to be a ray towards the star.

As you go along you can tell it doesn’t seem like a natural occurrence. But if not, what could it be? An alien mega-ship making a supply trip to the sun? The answer involves science and understanding how the Stereo A and B spacecraft work and take pictures. And this understanding allows experts to discern extraterrestrial claims with extraterrestrial evidence. Watch the full video below with the explanation and draw your conclusions. Note: In the video below, turn on subtitles with translation.

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