The Falkland Hills UFO incident

In rural Scotland in 1996, a mother, her son and a friend come across something strange.

On September 23 of that year, Mary, Peter and Jane traveled from Falkand to the village of Freuchie for coffee, which marked the beginning of a strange chain of events.

They saw what appeared to be a dark triangular object in the sky with two lights on as they drove. The trio stopped to watch him for a moment and then continued on their way.

Shortly after, they saw the same item again during the return journey.

The unknown craft accelerated through the valley after hovering for a while, then disappeared.

They decided to go back and take her to see if they could see anything else after returning to Jane’s house and telling their daughter (Susan) what they had seen.

After turning around, they quickly noticed a white light and blue glow above some surrounding forests. They followed a winding road in an attempt to get a better look and once again saw the phenomenon, which this time threw beams of red, blue and green light.

They then observed what appeared to be several moving people and an unidentified structure that was illuminated by the main item as they moved in front of the light.

They opted to return at 11:30 pm. that night to see if the object was still there after going outside and reporting what they had seen to a UFO investigation hotline.

This time, they noticed a light flashing on top of a nearby hill, and when they returned to where they found the unusual people, they saw them moving across the countryside once more.

Then, without warning, an anomalous ‘mist’ began to fill the area. According to witnesses, it appeared to contain ‘cocoons’ made of a fibrous material, each containing a small entity.

Terrified, they fled, watching a bright blue flash behind them.

Even today, no definitive explanation for what they observed that night has been found.

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