UFO Takes Control of Free Falling Military Helicopter

In 1973 members of the Army Reserve Helicopter Unit experienced a second-degree UFO encounter when an unidentified flying object took control of their vehicle.

In 1973 members of the Army Reserve Helicopter Unit were flying with Captain Rick Jessy at the controls. While flying about 600 meters above the surface on a clear night, perfect for the flight, the crew noticed a strange red light on the horizon.

It didn’t look like a light from other flying vehicles like airplanes or helicopters. It was bright red and filled the horizon. The light, which at first didn’t seem scary, finally started to move towards the military helicopter.

Reportedly the unidentified aircraft was moving at a speed between 500 and 600 knots, although the pilot could not be sure. The helicopter captain was busy flying while the rest of the crew had a chance to observe the nearby object.

Crew members reported seeing a strange wingless object that almost looked like an elongated tick. From what crew members could see the object was metallic in nature and glowed in the night sky.

It had a kind of dome at the top with windows visible to the crew. The pilot only observed the UFO when he was directly overhead. Eventually, and due to this proximity, the pilot began to perform evasive maneuvers.

The UFO at the Controls

In an attempt to escape a potentially catastrophic situation Captain Rick Jessy performed what is known as an autorotation. This involves cutting the throttle and descending quite aggressively. But that’s when something strange happened. Although the captain performed the maneuver, the crew reported that the helicopter did not crash. It actually looked like the UFO had taken control of the helicopter. The unidentified object managed to pull the helicopter through the air about 280 meters in a matter of seconds. The helicopter was launched at an altitude where according to the captain they normally do not fly.

The crew struggled to regain control of the helicopter, realizing that the instruments were giving strange indications.

The compass for example was pointing in a direction it shouldn’t have gone. The pilot regained control of the helicopter and the crew was able to land safely.

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