Drought in China reveals mysterious alien patterns in a Chinese lake

Strange giant patterns exposed on the floor of China’s second largest lake after a recent heat wave have sparked a variety of theories on social media.
If you google “crop circles” you will find some astonishingly beautiful images, huge patterns of all kinds cut out of the crops, from symmetrical circles that look like mandala to abstract symbols and even an alien face with a disk at its side, wearing some kind of image A documentary, Crop Circles: Quest for Truth, directed by William Gazecki, interviews a number of experts who are clearly baffled by this whole subject, and the conclusion they draw is that it has an extraterrestrial or supernatural origin. However, these are not the only formations that would demonstrate the extraterrestrial presence on our planet.

Strange giant patterns have appeared at the bottom of China’s second largest freshwater lake after a recent heat wave, sparking speculation on social media.

the mysterious pattern

Months of severe drought have removed 70 percent of the water in the 2,800-square-kilometre Dongting Lake in central China’s Hunan province, revealing boxy patterns in the red swamps of the lakebed. As the South China Morning Post reported, a local resident named Hu took aerial video of the patterns on display, which he said resembled giant mazes.

“Those square blocks, with some straight patterns inside, look like mazes,” Hu said.

Another villager, Yang Xinwei, said he did not believe the patterns were man-made because he found no evidence of construction.

“It’s amazing to see those patterns,” Xinwei explained. “Each block is the size of a standard football field. On those squares, there are special patterns similar to bone inscriptions. Some lines can be up to 10 meters long.”

An official with the East Dongting Lake Management Committee ruled out the possibility of ancient tombs, saying the area had been under water until recently.

“We believe the signs are traces of the ancient Ai Wei (meaning ‘short fence’),” the official revealed, referring to fishing traps built by fishermen in the shallows of the lake many years ago.
When the water rises, the fish are pushed into the pen, and when the water recedes, the fish are trapped in the pen. The traps were dismantled in a 2018 government campaign against illegal fishing. Zhang Weijun, a water conservancy expert with Shanghai Yishui Environmental Technology Company, said the patterns may be short fences used for fishing in ancient times.

“Dongting Lake is connected to the Yangtze River,” Wei Jun said. “Its water rises and falls as the Yangtze River flows in and out of the lake. So it will be much easier for fishermen to fish with these kinds of traps. But it is not clear if the authorities authorized this type of fishing many years ago.” .”

A video of the patterns has been viewed 8 million times on TikTok (known in China as Douyin) alone, with many enthusiastically joining the speculation about what the patterns might be, including their possible origin from an alien civilization. However, some people are more concerned about the lake’s drought than alien speculation.

Dongting Lake is apparently not the only body of water in southern China affected by this year’s hot and dry weather. Poyang Lake, China’s largest freshwater lake, is now just 20 percent of its normal volume for this time of year. Due to chronic water shortages, most of the exposed lakes have been converted to pasture.

Without a doubt, this is a very amazing pattern, nothing like it has been found anywhere in the world so far. It is not known if it belonged to an unknown ancient civilization or if it really came from extraterrestrials, nor do we know its meaning or purpose. So we can only speculate on its true origin.

What do you think about the mysterious patron of Dongting Lake? Is it of extraterrestrial origin?

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