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They Photograph A Mysterious Luminous UFO Under Miami’s Waters

On the internet, strange photographs of a green glowing object moving underwater first surfaced. “The item sparkled and changed shape” as it traveled.

Off the coast of Miami, a recent sighting of an underwater UFO has been recorded. a glowing, undersea item that shocked social media users.

A blazing object with a green brilliance has been seen moving beneath the surface of the sea in some enigmatic photos that the renowned ufologist Scott Waring has uploaded.

The item changed shape and lit up with a green light as it traveled. Waring asserts that UFOs can travel via the water just as readily as they do through the air.

And an unidentified object’s propulsion systems are where the green light originates from.

This incident of UFOs entering and departing the water is far from unique.

Most people are certainly familiar with the footage that the crew of an American warship took of a UFO entering the ocean.

The ufologist is confident that extraterrestrial bases might be found at a depth of several kilometers in the areas where such things are discovered.

These bases, according to some experts, are transit hubs for beings from other planets that may dwell underwater and why not subterranean, rather than the major ones. How do you feel?

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