They find a massive “underworld” of an unknown civilization in Peru

Archaeologists and specialists made this finding with the help of a group of small robots, which were designed by engineers from Stanford University.
Researchers and experts recently discovered a complex underground structure in Peru belonging to the lost Chavín culture, located in Chavín de Huantal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985, with around 35 corridors of interconnected underground lines. According to the Ministry of Culture of Peru.

The archaeologists and experts made the discovery with the help of a team of tiny robots designed by Stanford University engineers with tiny built-in cameras that allow them to explore and access small areas of the maze.

How important is this civilization in the advances of Peruvian society?

This ancient civilization developed advanced knowledge not only in the field of metallurgy, but also in areas such as temperature control and soldering, and pioneered the application of rudimentary techniques to extract gold products.

Developed in the Andean highlands of Peru, between 1,300 and 550 BC, it was a civilization that extended its influence to other peoples along the coast.

The findings made by these experts suggest that these successive occupations, which were discovered at various levels of the archaeological complex, demonstrate the great impact that Chacin culture and religion had on the central highlands for many centuries.

What does the discovery show us?

Anthropologist and archaeologist John Rick, who directs the Chachin Archaeological Research and Conservation Program, reports that the three discovered galleries belong to the last stages of this civilization, which developed between 1300 B.C. C. and 550 a. c.

Thanks to the use of small robots with tiny cameras, the researchers managed to locate a large number of galleries, ceramics and even places where this ancient society carried out numerous burials under the surface. It is considered the most important archaeological discovery in 50 years.

Around June 2018, the teams of archaeologists and experts preparing for the mission succeeded in excavating 3 new galleries adjacent to the Chachin Circus. Ceramic fragments, utensils and what are believed to be human remains are in perfect condition.

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