What are the controversial white holes

What are the controversial space white holes from which “you can escape but you cannot return”
They are supposed to be almost identical to black holes, but in reverse. That is, white holes do not absorb matter but expel it. Everything that comes out of a white hole can’t come back. What do you think?

No one, or almost no one, currently believes that white holes exist, and no one has detected them. However, French theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli claims that they could have formed and are all over the sky.

black and white brothers

According to physicist Carlo Rovelli, white holes are like brothers to black holes. In fact they are closely linked, here is the explanation.

For starters, black holes contain the most matter in the least amount of space of any object in the universe. And because they are so compact, they have a lot of gravitational pull. Not even light can escape!

Well, all the matter around the black hole spirals towards it, then concentrates at a central point, and no one knows what happens next.

In fact, the physicist Carlo Rovelli wondered what happens to matter when it is in the center of a black hole and that is how he came to the conclusion (plus many calculations) that it could bounce and not only it but also all spacetime. what’s there In short, this would be a white hole.

How white holes work

Others who also study white holes believe that the black holes are connected to the white holes through space-time tunnels, also known as wormholes.

If this sounds incredible to you, wait until you read part two… In short, matter enters through a black hole and then through a white hole into the rest of the universe, even into another universe.

The white hole would be in exactly the same place as the black hole, only in his future. Hey, how do these ideas sound to you? Remember that white holes have not yet been shown to exist… although… the same thing happened with black holes, nobody believed they existed and they have been studied a lot nowadays.

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