NASA Chief Bill Nelson’s Remarkable Statement: On UFOs, Aliens, and Parallel Universes

During an interview last year on October 19, 2021, NASA Chief Administrator Bill Nelson made some startling statements about UFOs/UAPs and the possible existence of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations on other Earth-like planets in the universe or in a parallel universe.

Some quotes from Bill Nelson:

Our goal is the search for extraterrestrial life, what do you think we’re doing on Mars, we’re looking for life, that’s part of NASA’s mission.

That’s what the telescope (new James Webb Space Telescope) is going to look for. There are planets elsewhere where there is life. This is a quest that is constantly looking for what/who is out there.

Who are we, how did we get here, how did we become what we are, how did we develop, how did we civilize ourselves?

And all these conditions exist in the universe that has billions of suns and billions of other galaxies, my personal opinion is that the universe is so big and now there are even theories that there may be other universes (parallel universes) and if that is the case who am I to say that planet Earth is the only place for a civilized and organized form of life like ours.

Are there other planet Earths out there I certainly think so because the universe is so big said Bill Nelson.

He also talks about the hundreds of UFO/UAP sightings reported by Navy and commercial pilots and says he doesn’t know where they came from, but needless to say, he (and NASA) know a lot more about the existence of extraterrestrials. . UFOs/UAPs and where this alien technology comes from.

If you listen carefully and observe Bill Nelson’s expressions you will know that he is indeed confirming the existence of extraterrestrial UFOs/UAPs and advanced extraterrestrial civilizations inhabiting Earth-like planets somewhere in the universe or in a parallel universe.

Video below: Here’s the full interview with Bill Nelson and skip to the 53.10 mark where he starts talking about UFOs, aliens and parallel universes.

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