Pilot “SIGHTS” a UFO that Mimics Its Movements in the Sky and Reports to Air Traffic Control (Video)

A pilot described a very unusual object that mimicked his plane’s maneuvers as it flew over 2,000 feet above Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Fortunately this incident report includes audio from the FAA pilot interview that took place shortly after the event. The pilot says he initially thought the object was a cluster of balloons.

Puzzled by this, he slowed down to get a better look. He described how the object rose with him and appeared to intentionally stay in front of his aircraft mirroring its turn.

When asked for a basic description of the object the pilot indicates that although he was familiar with drones it was difficult to pinpoint specifically what he saw.

In terms of the object’s behavior, the pilot comments on the effectiveness with which the object circled him, commenting that although it could be a cool video, the object’s maneuver was “super dangerous”.

As the air traffic controller momentarily struggles to describe the events the pilot laughs and says it was a UFO sighting.

With irony he said that it was an unidentified flying object and that it could be of extraterrestrial origin.

The pilot comments that this is not surprising given the small size of what he saw which he estimated to be about half the length of the wing, or five feet. He also repeats that he was surprised to realize the object was not a balloon.

Adding that it didn’t look like any easily recognizable object, the controller asks the pilot “you’re a little nervous aren’t you?”

The pilot explains that he is mostly curious, especially given the object’s unusual speed and behavior.

The incident reflects the broader challenge of effectively documenting and describing unidentified objects.

The pilot’s joke about UFOs makes it clear that he could not immediately identify what he was seeing, despite his background in military aviation.

Although the object could be classified as a UFO, the pilot made it clear that he was not referring to the common cultural connotation of the term to mean something supernatural.

The pilot made several references to a video taken by a passenger, but cautions that the video has limited detail.

Regardless, this is a unique and highly documented case by the FAA that offers a good idea of just how confusing this problem is and how the agency tries to answer and document it.

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