UFO Filmed in Broad Daylight at the Landing of an Airbus A380 at Guarulhos Airport/SP, Brazil


In the footage it is very clear this UFO that appears passing over the Plane as it approaches for landing, a really FANTASTIC video, you can see in the Video below the UFO at 17:00, you can also observe several birds in the place.

We analyzed the video several times and we can see that it is not a balloon or a drone, a “100% authentic” video without any changes in pixels.

Note: If it were a balloon only when approaching an airplane of this size, there would be an immense displacement of air, so the balloon would tend to rise immediately, something that did not happen when it passed over the airplane. So the possibility of being a BALLOON is DISCARDED.

It looks like they really want to show off, saying:
“Look we’re right here in the daylight”

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