UFO Sighting Knoxville Tennessee For 10 – 15 Minutes Before It Vanished

This was sent to me yesterday (Friday) and it was filmed only on Thursday last 15th December of 2022.

The eye witness said it stayed there for 10 to 15 minutes before he drove over there by it and as he passed some tree’s he turned round to watch it again but it had vanished from where it  was.

Knoxville Tennessee USA saw a fantastic UFO with 3 white lights on the object.

3 white lights on the UFO in a horizontal line, it’s fair to say that this is a very unusual UFO sighting.

Knoxville Tennessee is a fantastic UFO sighting hotspot because believe it or not Tennessee was ranked in the top six states with the most UFO sighting’s in 2018. In fact here’s a fantastic quote from WVLT8 News Tennessee:

In 2018, Tennessee was ranked among the top six states for UFO sightings in “UFO Cases of Interest: 2018 Edition.”

There’s alway’s a UFO sighting happening somewhere and if some genius bit of software was to compile an interactive map in real time with a red dot to represent a UFO sighting as it was happening, we’d probably see a continuous stream of red dots just appear on this AI interactive map. Probably?

See UFO Stalker as it’s a great place for UFO sighting’s that have been reported to MUFON.

Guy’s, here’s the eye witness statement:

This was this past Thursday at 6pm in Knoxville TN. I watched it sit there for 10-15 minutes before snagging that video. It never moved and I didn’t see any blinking lights. As we drove by it we passed some trees turned around and it vanished out of thin air. By far the weirdest experience I’ve had. Don’t really know what to think of it. Couldn’t have been a heli and I doubt it was a drone.

There’s alway’s a brilliant UFO sighting happening and while the US Government is coming clean with their information it’s only recent stuff that they have admitted to. UFO sighting’s go way back and it’s definitely not a recent phenomena so I think they’ve got a lot of work to do with regards to the disclosure.

Placating people ie the public with a few recent UFO sighting’s just doesn’t cut it because there’s been UFO report’s leaked from within the US Government for over half a century! Yes these UAP videos are all well and good, thank you but now we want access to the top tier quality UFO sighting’s that goes way back in history!

We’re definitely not stupid, we know that this didn’t start with the early 2000’s UAP incidents so please, dog deeper and release your records. We’ve all proved beyond a doubt that we can handle the truth, so release the ones that are at the back of the filing cabinet (so-to-speak).

Here’s the extraordinary video which was filmed over Knoxville, Tennessee USA Thursday 15th December 2022:

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