In 1978, a teenager from a children’s camp was abducted by a UFO.

In 1978, a case occurred in the USSR, which is still being discussed among ufologists. Not far from Perm there was a children’s pioneer camp “Rainbow”. Every year, several hundred boys and girls rested here, reports

They came from nearby cities and towns, as well as from far away. Larisa Goyvorova was a native of St. Petersburg and at the age of 15 she visited the “Rainbow” and found herself at the center of strange events.

On July 21, 1978, Larisa Goyvorova woke up at night from the fact that someone was calling her name. The sound was heard in her head. The girl woke up from her friend Masha Ostapenko and asked if she had heard anything unusual. The answer was negative. A few minutes later, it all happened again.

Larisa went to the window and saw several luminous objects hovering over the trees.

The teenager became interested and left. Everything that happened next was told by Goyvorova’s friend Masha: “Larisa went out into the street and looked around. After making sure no one was around, she took a few steps towards the luminous balls.

“There were four or five of them. At first they hovered over the trees, but then they fell to a height of 3-4 meters. For some time, the objects were above Larisa, and then lined up at the height of her head on all four sides.

“The connection of glowing blue beams appeared between them. Then there was a flash and Larisa disappeared. The links between the luminous objects were severed, they flew again above the trees and rushed to the side.”

They searched for the girl for over 3 years. The police were assisted by special organizations and ordinary volunteers. Because of this incident, the leadership of the camp changed, and then it was completely closed for several years.

Attempts to rehabilitate the children’s camp in the 1990s were unsuccessful. Larisa Goyvorova was never found. Masha Ostapenko also tried to find her friend, but at the age of 30 she stopped looking.

During the investigation into the disappearance of a teenager, it turned out that these mysterious voices were heard not only by Larisa, but also by at least two other male teenagers in the camp. They, unlike the girl, did not leave the camp building.

Was the St. Petersburg teenager really taken by aliens? Of course, there is very little material evidence for this version. Only a retelling of Masha Ostapenko and indirect confirmation of telepathic communication with children in the camp.

Ufologists claim that the so-called abduction of people by aliens is a common phenomenon. Sometimes they return to Earth and sometimes they disappear forever. Much depends on the person’s own desire and the aliens’ intentions, researchers say.

There is a hypothesis that they abduct people as biomaterial for study. There is also a less bloodthirsty version that aliens are selecting worthy candidates from among people to move to a different level of life.

Unfortunately, while humanity is at such a level of awareness about aliens that you can endlessly wonder what these stories actually ended up with.


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