Are aliens spying on NASA with a UFO in the sky?

Houston, Texas, and NASA have a long-standing relationship, and locals are used to unusual sky phenomena. But one sighting in particular in August 2014 left many people perplexed.

When a Houston homeowner went out to record the approaching storm, they, too, saw a circle of lights in the sky. The thing looked big and was easily visible from the ground. When the video surfaced online, rumors swirled about the possible causes of the anomaly.

Simply the light reflected off the clouds was an explanation. Another widely accepted interpretation was that it was ball lightning, an unusual and enigmatic orb of light often connected to thunderstorms. The circular shape of the Houston anomaly, however, made this theory unlikely.

As other people in a variety of situations had similar sightings, it became apparent that the weather was not the cause of the lights.

A sophisticated NASA vehicle such as the LDSD (Low Density Supersonic Decelerator), a flying saucer intended to help mankind reach Mars, was one theory put forward in connection with the lights. Eventually, it was proposed that the lights were just street lights reflecting off wet road surfaces from the storm.

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