Mysterious gelatinous spheres from the bottom of the sea: experts do not know what they are

The gelatinous spheres that experts discovered are totally mysterious. They are currently believed to be part of the squid Illex coindetii.

Especialistas não sabem o que são

Up to 100 gelatinous spheres were discovered on the ocean floor, which baffled experienced divers for years.

Despite the best efforts of scientists, the origin of these massive objects continues to elude mankind.

Gelatinous spheres: what are they?
There is a theory that was published in the journal Scientific Reports that some believe they could be “strange eggs”.

They\’re squid egg sacs, he explains. Coindetii, the cooperation of the Illex Citizens, and their ability to study the tissue\’s DNA helped make the discovery possible.

Surprisingly, they were found both in the Mediterranean Sea and on the Norwegian coasts, despite the fact that they had a circumference of more than a meter.

Another differential of them is that they are practically transparent, with a dark band running through the middle that prevents you from seeing the inside.

Halldis Ringvold, manager of the marine zoology group Sea Snack Norway, started a campaign a few years ago to get people\’s attention, especially divers.

Small tissue samples from gelatinous spheres should be taken for design analysis.

Several divers took tissue samples from the massive objects in 2019 – as many as 4 separate samples. They stored it in regular refrigerators after collecting it in plastic bottles.

Research ensures that none of the gelatinous spheres are harmful. He found that they were substantial balls that contained thousands of tiny Illex coindetii eggs.

lula Illex coindetii

Squid eggs?
This mollusk is very common in the Mediterranean and Atlantic and has been studied for 180 years.

These short-finned carnivorous squids with ten tentacles grow quickly and have a lifespan of no more than a year.

Experts managed to see what was inside these eggs in the same investigation. According to them, “squid embryos in four different stages” were discovered.

Furthermore, it has been observed that the consistency of the sphere changes from firm to transparent at rupture and to opaque as the embryos grow.

The gelatinous material that makes up the eggs allows them to float between the surface and the bottom of the ocean. As a result, it protects the embryos.

The researchers think the mysterious dark streak is a river of ink that the female leaves behind after fertilizing her eggs. These could be used to determine the developmental level of the eggs; the more prominent, the more mature the eggs. Despite the fact that others think it could work as camouflage.

Despite what the study claims, the conundrum surrounding gelatinous spheres persists because no one has ever seen a squid spawn on the ocean floor. So it\’s just a theory.

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