Multiple Witnesses Record Mysterious Light Formations Over Sites in Rural Wisconsin

Now that the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA have set up departments specifically chartered for the purpose of investigating reports of UFO, UAP (both aerial and anomalous), USO and other unidentified craft sightings, it seems that the majority of the reports covered by the mainstream media are coming from military personnel encounters. That is why it is a big event when multiple private citizens have the same encounters at the same time while in different locations … and they have videos to back up their claims. That is what happened in Wisconsin earlier this month and the news is finally making it through the filters and gatekeepers to the eyes of the public. What happened in a remote farming area of eastern Wisconsin on the night of December 1, 2022? What were the five bright objects seemingly flying in formation at incredible speeds that were recorded by multiple witnesses? Why has it taken so long for this report to come out?

Can you tell the difference between natural lights and UFOs?

As reported by the Daily Mail this week, a salon owner identified only by her first name, Kimberly, claims she saw five strange bright lights flashing over the sky at about 10:45 PM while driving on a rural road in West Bend, Wisconsin. She and her husband say they both witnessed what they at first thought was a white owl fly down from their right, pass in front of their headlights, and fly off to the left. The object was glowing – convincing them it definitely was not an owl – and they said it made three more passes in front of their car. That activity momentarily distracted them from what was happening over their car.

“And as we’re both leaning forward into the windshield, we start seeing these lights, similar to what I caught in the video.”

Yes, Kimberly managed to pull out her phone while her husband pulled the car over, and they recorded the objects. (View them and still shots here.) The four lights above them were joined by the fifth which had been toying with them on the ground. She told the Daily Mail the lights appeared to be “in the sky shining down at us” and were flying in a tight row formation, then in a cluster, before separating and flying off to their east. While this initially sounds like drones, it would be difficult, if not impossible, for a drone of the types available to the general public to fly so close in front of a speeding car so many times.

At the same time that night, a witness who also only reveals his first name, Ken, claims he saw similar lights in the sky over Freedonia, Wisconsin, about five miles northeast of where Kimberly witnessed hers. While Ken gave no on-the-record testimony, the Daily Mail reveals he is a former police officer and financial services worker and was outside his Freedonia home when he had his encounter and recorded a video of it. (Screen captures can be seen here.) Both encounters were investigated for the Daily Mail by Ben Hansen, a UFO investigator and host of ‘UFO Witness’, who had this to say:

“At about 10:47PM on December 1, 2022, several witnesses reported seeing what they described as “Firefly” orbish white lights dancing in the sky and coming down beyond to the level of the highway.  From two independent locations miles apart, the phenomena was recorded as 5 or more UAPs streaked over the sky in formation underneath cloud cover.  As of 12/19/22, we are still following up on leads with additional witnesses and obtaining expert opinions as to whether there is a natural or human-made explanation for the events.”

Hansen is a former federal agent with a degree in sociology and criminology, working for multiple private and public agencies as a crime scene investigator, and is now a paranormal investigator. He has videos of the lights and his analysis on his YouTube channel. One of the leads Hansen was following up on came from a witness in Howard, Wisconsin – 80 miles north of Freedonia. That witness (named Andrea Lynn) claimed that earlier in the same evening of December 1, at about 7 PM, she saw and recorded four different sets of multicolored lights flashing and flying across the sky in her city. The Daily Mail has screen shots and list the different styles of lights:

  • One solo white light and three more in a triangular shape around it – the triangle disappeared first, then the central light shot away at high speed over the horizon.
  • A yellowish light crosses the sky in an arc, stops, then makes a 90-degree change of direction and speeds away, to be replaced by a formation of lights similar to the ones in Freedonia and West Bend.
  • A blue light hovering in the clouds.
  • Two yellow lights dancing around the sky, coming together, then speeding out of view.

“Has anyone in the Green Bay area seen the random groups of lights in the sky flying around? Any idea on what they are? I reached out to the National Weather service, and they told me they saw the same lights again a week later.”

Andrea Lynn says on social media that she contacted the National Weather Service and was told there were clouds but no storms, thunder or lightning in the area that night. Ben Hansen checked with a Milwaukee Federal Aviation Administration controller, who reportedly said nothing appeared on radar up to 13,000 feet, including airplanes, during the time period when the lights were recorded.

Those are the reports from December 1st. The lights came back on December 2nd.

“I’ve really never seen anything like it before. It was like a row of illumination through the clouds, and it would pulse through the sky incredibly quickly. For the entire 20 miles that we drove we continued to see it. There was no rhythm to it… it was moving from a southwest to northeast direction, and then from a northeast to southwest direction sometimes as well.”

In Greenfield, Wisconsin, 35 miles from Howard, Chris Nowak and his family were traveling to West Allis, Wisconsin, when they saw unusual lights in the sky. He stopped and recorded a ”purplish-blue” light hovering in the clouds and streaks of white lights.

“It shot through the clouds and broke off into like three different beams from there. It moved at an incredible speed. It cleared down to the edge of the entire sky very, very quickly.”

Nowak did not think these were the result of searchlights, and a meteorologist friend who saw the video had no idea what they were. On that same December 2nd night, hundreds of miles to the east in Brighton, Michigan, Kenna and Tasha Lynn VanBrocklyn recorded similar bright white lights moving around in the sky. (Video on Facebook here.)

“Omg we just seen what I think is a UFO!! And I looked up UFOs and people have posted the same thing!!! This is crazy!! This has been a crazy week.”

“Crazy” may not be the proper description. While some might liken this to a Wisconsin version of the famous Phoenix lights, Ben Hansen is wisely continuing his investigations and looking for more testimonies, videos and solid evidence. However, he notes that “When you take into consideration the totality of the circumstances of what was witnessed and where it was filmed, this case just becomes more and more compelling.” Social media commenters on the videos are leaning towards searchlights – despite some denials by the witnesses that what they saw looked nothing like searchlights they are familiar with. Hansen agrees.

“Not only is there no evidence that any advertising spotlights have recently been permitted or used in this very rural area, the intensity and speed of the lights doesn’t comport with conventional technology. It’s interesting to note that the majority of worldwide UFO sightings are now reported as ‘light anomalies’ and not traditional shapes such as disks, cylinders, or triangles that normally come to mind.”

It is getting more difficult to weed out the many natural causes of mysterious lights.

Good point. We rarely get reports of “flying saucers” anymore. Hansen suggests these latest unidentified aerial phenomena are more like the “’Foo Fighter’ lights that were described by pilots during WWII.” Those are still unexplained fully, but thought by many scientists to have been electrical discharge from the wings of airplanes. If that is the case, could the “Wisconsin Lights” be mysterious discharges from top secret test aircraft flying in the area? That would make more sense than aliens and account for their similarities to searchlights.

Will we ever find out what they are? That brings us back to the new departments in the Pentagon and at NASA – their primary focus is military, space flight and government employee sightings. Good luck getting any answers there. It is fortunate that we have private investigators like Ben Hansen willing to do the legwork on mysterious lights and flying objects. We await his next report.

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