Woman becomes pregnant after contact with aliens, says Pentagon report

UFOs have had sexual contact with humans, and one woman allegedly even became pregnant.
According to allegations documented in the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Pentagon Documents, UFOs have had sexual encounters with humans, and one woman even allegedly became pregnant. The report was obtained as part of a freedom of information request.

The unusual claims were made in the Pentagon Papers obtained by The Sun. Several witnesses claimed that the aliens had sexual encounters with humans and one of the women became pregnant.

Titled “Anomalous Acute and Subacute Field Effects in Human and Biological Tissues,” the report examines the health effects of people with paranormal phenomena or “injuries to human observers from abnormally advanced aerospace systems.”

The US investigative agency MUFON has compiled a list, which appears in the report’s “useful database”, of the biological impact of UFO sightings on humans and their frequency.

The report includes bizarre cases such as “apparent kidnappings”, “undeclared pregnancies”, sexual encounters, telepathy and teleportation experiments.

The study cites five sexual encounters between UFOs and humans.

UFO sightings can leave witnesses injured or suffering radiation burns, brain problems and neurological damage, according to the report. The report also warned that such facilities could “pose a threat to US interests.”

One of the statements in the report reads: “People have been injured as a result of contact with unusual craft, particularly in the air and in close quarters.”

The injuries were reported to be related to electromagnetic radiation and were related to the “power propulsion system”. Thermal and radiation burns, brain damage, and the ability to affect nerves were listed as possible injuries.

Report, part of more than 1,500 pages of DIA documents related to the Pentagon’s secret UFO program, the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP). Among them was another document that explained how to classify “abnormal behavior” after encounters with “ghosts, yeti, spirits, elves, and other mythical creatures.”

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