ANGELS or ALIEN Entities Among Us? Unbelievable Images Of These Beings!

Are there angels among us today? What is their purpose? In addition to captivating cultural interest, angels are real beings with supernatural power and a supernatural purpose.

Throughout recorded history human beings have claimed to have made contact with supernatural powers from beyond this World. In Judeo-Christian and Islamic traditions these beings are known as angels.

Angels play an extremely important role in these traditions. They help create the first humans. They reveal holy scriptures and help found religions. They breed with women. They transport prophets and seers, like Muhammad or Enoch, across the heavens to receive secret wisdom.

And these angels become warriors in the apocalypse, fighting demons and helping to create a new earth. Since 1947 a new extraterrestrial power has appeared in literature, cinema, comics and religious scriptures: The Alien.

Abductees, artists and religious visionaries claim that aliens perform all the same actions historically attributed to angels. Aliens today found religions, transported humans to distant worlds, conducted genetic experiments and in films like Independence Day attempted to destroy human civilization. How to understand these mysterious parallels?

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