12 American Astronauts Have Visited a Planet With Two Suns 39 Light-Years From Our Solar System

In 1983 a man named Richard C. Doty who identified himself as a sergeant in the United States Air Force claimed to have provided exchange program records to journalist Linda Moulton for her HBO documentary “The ET Factor”. In 2005 a series of emails were sent to Victor Martinez who ran a UFO discussion group. In the emails, it was claimed that the SERPO project was real. The SERPO project is one of 20 top secret projects overseen by Majestic 12 (or MJ-12).

The official said that in 1965 an alien exchange program was implemented in which 12 people (10 men and two women) were selected to visit their planet. They chose the best military specialists from the US Department of Defense, who had to spend 10 years on an alien planet.

SERPO was a joint program of the US government and humanoids living on the planet Serpo, located in the Zeta Reticuli star system. The distance from Earth to Serpo is about 39 light years. According to an anonymous source contact with aliens was established after . (New Mexico, USA) in 1947. Then the Americans managed to save a humanoid. He was allowed to communicate with his brothers through an intercom located in a disc-shaped object.

The Americans prepared a group of 12 people after making contact with the aliens. By agreement in the exchange program, during the permanence of the earthlings on the planet Serpo, one of the aliens remained as a diplomatic representative on Earth. All information relating to those who agreed to fly was destroyed as if they had never existed.

Over time something went wrong. The Americans who left for Serpo in 1965 were not able to return 10 years later as planned, but 13 years later, in August 1978. But that’s not all – one of them died of lung disease, another died as a result of an accident, and two expressed a desire to remain on Serpo forever. Only seven men and one woman returned.

Returning astronauts were immediately placed in a closed facility, where they spent about a year under the supervision of doctors and scientists, undergoing examinations and compiling trip reports. A year later, they received new documents, received significant amounts of money and returned to normal life. None of them lived long. In 2002 all participants of the space trip to Serpo were dead. The cause of death could be a dose of radiation received during the flight, as well as on an alien planet.

According to reports, living conditions on Serpo for Earthlings were difficult and unusual. Acclimatization took years. As the planet has two suns the background radiation is too high for Earth’s inhabitants. The age of the alien civilization living on SERPO planet is 10,000 years and only 650,000 aliens live on the planet.

The flight from the solar system to the Zeta Reticuli system took about nine months.

The fact that the planet that is part of the Zeta Reticuli system is inhabited by humanoids is confirmed by the stories of the spouses Barney and Betty Hill, abducted and returned to Earth.

This is further confirmed by the story of the engineer Robert Lazar who worked in “Area 51”. Furthermore, the Hills were able to remember what had happened to them only in a state of regressive hypnosis. Betty even managed to draw a star map, which was shown to her by aliens. But Robert Lazar claimed that during his work in “Area 51”, he managed to see aliens from the planet Serpo and their aircraft several times.

According to one of the anonymous sources. the Earthlings’ official space programs are just a cover. Based on alien technology, a fleet of 8 motherships and 43 spacecraft of defense value was created a long time ago. And the colony on Mars was founded by the Americans together with the Soviet Union in 1964. The source claims that earthlings have already visited all planets in the solar system, except Mercury.

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