Did you leave Earth? Anomalies Launched Into Space Have Been Captured By The Space Station

There are many strange events that It seems there is no explanation on Earth. Agoran were images captured what appears to be a UFO leaving the planet or something, or something shot into space..

The Conspiracy Depot YouTube channel detected 2 strange anomalies in the live feed from the International Space Station on May 13, 2018 that went largely unnoticed. Although many claim that it could be UFOs leaving the atmosphere.

Something or someone Shot from Earth?

The International Space Station, or ISS for its acronym in English, has given us many mysterious images and occurrences. Even though space agencies refuse to accept these facts as “real”

One of the most recent events we had in the month of May when the ISS completely cut the live feed when 2 UFOs were approaching it.

Now, a May 23, 2018 broadcast has recently sparked controversy. One user revealed how 2 large glowing contrails are ejected from Earth.

The YouTube channel Conspiracy Depot uploaded the video to the platform 4 years ago, but now it has started to circulate actively through social media.

The user noticed the anomalies when reviewing the slow-motion video, as the speed at which they move is excessively high.

After the first 2 anomalies, a third one of purple color appeared, which was also visible in the live stream.

A Laser Gun or UFOs?

Whoever captured the images guarantees that he recorded about 25 minutes of the transmission, from 1:30 pm to 1:55 pm. As he reviewed them he noticed the anomalies coming out of Earth when he slowed down the footage.

The first of the objects appears at approximately 1:36 pm, the second manifested at approximately 1:39 pm. It should be noted that this time it is from the United Kingdom and it is from May 13, 2018.

Many users claimed that it appeared to be UFOs taking off from our planet… however, others suggested that it looked like a weapon that was fired from Earth. Now the problem is Why?

One thing that is known is that the military forces of the great powers of the world use laser technology as weapons. A few years ago we witnessed how the US Navy shot a drone in a test. Many theorists claimed that it was a weapon against UFOs.

Now the question would be, if it’s a gun, why was it fired? Who was attacked? Something was threatening the land.

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