They capture a “UFO on fire” over a Colombian city (Video)

Several city dwellers in Colombia were horrified to observe a “flaming UFO” falling from the sky.

Eles capturam um "OVNI em chamas" sobre uma cidade colombiana (Vídeo)

The strange sighting reportedly occurred last week at dusk in the municipality of Ibagué, in western Colombia, according to local media reports.

A stranger that seemed to be falling from the sky and had a long tail of fire hit several people who were outside at the time.

Similar to a UFO encounter, many of the witnesses captured the disturbing event on their iPhones, shared the videos online and sparked much discussion about the true cause of the strangeness.

As is typical in these situations, many netizens speculated that it was of extraterrestrial origin, while the most skeptical claimed that the anomaly had a more mundane explanation, such as pyroclastic flow, which is a phenomenon that happens when a volcano erupts.

This notion, however, was disproved because no seismic activity or volcanic activity was observed on the same day.

However, there is also a chance that the ‘UFO’ was actually a plane that was ready to land and that the angle the witnesses were at, plus the light from the setting sun, gave the item an unnatural appearance.

Another similar “object”
But possibly what caught the most attention is how startlingly similar this sighting is to another one that happened in 2018.

OVNI em chamas

A witness in Brazil captured a burning UFO on their smartphone camera, but hundreds of others in Fras, Argentina also saw the burning object.

The bizarre flaming thing seemed to fall straight to the ground. Astronomers in South America and Britain were incredibly curious about the enigmatic V-shaped UFO.

Some witnesses claimed to have seen the strange object alter course at least once. The shocked population of Fras, in turn, expressed different opinions about the situation.

Many stated that at first they believed it to be a meteor hitting the Earth, while others described it as a dot that moved from side to side emitting a lot of light.

The eldest, however, stated that he had never seen anything like it before and that it was obviously not a meteorite or an asteroid.

Even weirder, experts believe the item spent too long burning to be a meteorite, making the encounter even weirder.

Furthermore, it was clearly seen how he changed course. Experts say this is unusual for a meteor.

Ufologists and UFO believers alike were excited by the uncertainty among astronomers and science professionals about the origin of the strange object, pointing out that the infrequent UFO sightings may be one of the best examples in recent memory.

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