NASA astronaut Franklin Musgrave confronts an advanced alien civilization

Franklin Story Musgrave, is a retired NASA astronaut. According to Franklin, his team was up against a highly advanced alien civilization that had existed for billions of years.
Franklin Story Musgrave, (born August 19, 1935) is an American physician and retired NASA astronaut. In the 84 years of his life, he has successfully visited space, served in the Navy, worked as a field medic and engineer, became a mathematician, and earned six degrees.

Franklin had six space flights. During the mission, the man managed to see a lot. Recently, the astronaut told the media that he saw a huge UFO. On the surface of the moon, the alien spacecraft looks like a writhing snake.

The undulating movement of UFOs is fascinating. Aliens are flying behind human spaceships.

There is no reason not to trust scientists, astronauts, or military personnel. A less sober farmer swears that he has seen something mysterious, and his words may be questioned.

According to Franklin Musgrave, the team was up against a highly developed civilization that had existed for millions of years. They have no interest in humans, and contacting such advanced creatures is an impossible task.

The astronaut does not promise to be sure of anything, since he himself does not know much about what he is seeing. For a long time, astronauts have been trying to find out for themselves about some aspects of extraterrestrial activity, but there is no information at all.

One thing you know for sure: other civilizations definitely exist and they are much more advanced than humans. It will take more than a century, if not a thousand years, for human beings to reach the level of development of extraterrestrial civilizations.

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