Ghost Nurse Captured by a Security Camera in a House in England

Many of us have strange sensations seeing shadows or shapes out of the corner of our eye, only to see them disappear when we look back. And while you might be one of those people who isn’t afraid of a paranormal experience, have you ever wondered if you’ve actually encountered a real ghostly apparition? Maybe like most people you didn’t even think that there could be different types of ghosts. But the fact is that experts have created a list and definitions of existing types of supernatural phenomena.
Most common of all are the ghosts of a deceased person, someone you know, a family member, or maybe even a historical figure. These ghosts may or may not be friendly, but they sometimes show themselves to others in a variety of ways. They can become visible; They may talk or make noises, touch you, or even give off a scent of perfume or cigarette smoke, etc. to let you know they are there. They may even become visible like the meeting that took place in Launceston, Cornwall, England.

Creepy video from a security camera at a Cornish home shows a strange anomaly which a psychic says is the ghost of a nurse who once worked in the neighbourhood. As reported by the British newspaper Daily Mirror, the images were captured last month by a camera that was pointed directly at some steps leading to the second floor of Rob Williams’ house, in the city of Launceston.

As he was about to go to sleep one night his motion-activated security system alerted him to a presence outside his home. Reviewing the live feed from the camera, Williams was startled by what he thought was someone standing at the bottom of the stairs.

His first thought was that the mysterious person was someone drunk standing there, however, his opinion changed when he realized that it wasn’t a “solid figure”. Williams’ bewilderment quickly increased when the anomalous form suddenly vanished into thin air. It was then that he really got scared, especially when he observed that she had the characteristics of a person. And in the video you can clearly see a head with a hat and the shape of a body, but it was a little transparent.

The sighting caused Williams so much discomfort that he ended up sleeping with the lights on that night and later watched the video several times in an attempt to figure out what exactly the anomaly could have been.

“My outdoor cameras are motion activated so obviously they only start recording when something is physically there and turn on the outdoor lights,” said Williams, 39. “I was getting ready for bed and a notification popped up so I checked live to see what I thought was someone standing at the bottom of the stairs.

At first I thought it might be someone drunk standing there, but it wasn’t a solid figure. I watched for about 20 seconds and then [the lights] went out and there was nothing there. I was really scared. I really couldn’t figure out what it was. I didn’t know what it was, but it had the characteristics of a person: you can clearly see a head with a hat and the shape of a body, but it was slightly transparent.

I literally called my girlfriend and told her right away. I sent her the clip and she said ‘what the hell is that!’ It’s very scary. I didn’t sleep much that night, I slept with the lights on. I still have the video saved and I keep watching it again and the more I watch it I’m like ‘this is weird’. You can search the internet for videos of ghosts and some of you are like ‘come on’ but [this video is] the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.”

After posting the video on social media he got some responses from a psychic who got in touch with Williams explaining what his security system had recorded. The woman revealed that the anomaly was the “very kind spirit” of a nurse who worked at a nearby hospital and unfortunately passed away from the flu virus.

“I got a message [after posting the video online: I don’t know the woman, but apparently she’s a medium,” Williams continued. “He said he always had that kind of ability. She said the lady who came to see me is called Helen and she has this whole story that she was a nurse who worked at a big hospital that was probably 30 seconds from my building.

The medium went on to claim that the apparition remained at the foot of the stairs because she did not want to frighten Williams by approaching her house. He is now on the lookout for any other paranormal activity near his home, but says he has yet to see the spirit or any other entity again and feels confident it’s nothing bad. That said, skeptical netizens argued that the ‘ghosting’ is simply a light and shadow effect or perhaps a camera glitch.

What is your opinion on the chilling images?

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