ENOCH, the book that reveals that angels are really aliens

Angels are actually aliens who came to Earth to help the development of civilization.
It is no secret to anyone that many ancient writings have been deliberately destroyed. And of those who are safe and sound, many are in hiding or in the care of people who should not be made public. Enoch’s book was censored by the same Catholic Church and other Christian churches because it contained very disturbing information about fallen angels.

After the Crusades of the Catholic Church, many of these books that manipulated their beliefs were burned. Therefore, the truth about humans is unknown. And it could be manipulated according to the needs of the church.

A fairly fair test is the book of Enoch, a book whose content is quite protected. And it is that, this book expressed the existence of angels as beings beyond religious beliefs.

The book of Enoch made angels look like superior beings that were part of a belief.

The species of angels was much more than beings from heaven, for many civilizations, angels were beings from heaven, but not in a superficial way.

They referred to beings that descended from the sky, but were they referring to space?

The first civilizations created their own supernatural gods.

Angels serve these civilizations and are servants of the gods. Among other things, they also carried out tasks of transmitting information and observing humans.

The visitation of these angels in Old Testament times is further explained in the book of Enoch.

Clear proof that angels were among us

Through these apparitions, the angels came to leave teachings for civilization. Because they are considered to have extraordinary intelligence.

However, it is believed that the book may actually refer to aliens.

Because, like angels, they must descend from the physical heaven known as space.

The book of Enoch makes reference to extraterrestrial beings giving teachings

Since aliens have always been believed to have superior intelligence, the book of Enoch could be said to be them.

Angels are actually aliens who came to Earth to help the development of civilization.

According to the Book of Enoch, these creatures were sent to guide the evolution of civilizations.

As such, the book is considered the latest evidence for the existence of supernatural beings.

And they are aliens. Because they have been the guides of all the technological developments that have occurred during human evolution.

If true, it would answer many questions about how these civilizations developed so well.

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