The Bizarre Case of Kentucky Alien Abductions

Without a doubt, one of Kentucky’s strangest stories involves UFOs, aliens and an abduction. Along with her closest friends Louise Smith and Elaine Thomas, Mona Stafford had gone out to dinner. They were in good spirits when they left the restaurant at 11:15 pm, but the evening quickly got out of hand.

When Mona noticed a bright red object in the night sky, she lost control of her vehicle. The car started moving faster and soon they were at about 85 mph. It wasn’t a plane, instead it was a huge thing that stretched across the road on both sides and was “bigger than two houses”. Then, after briefly following behind, he veered sideways and swerved dangerously close to the driver’s side.

For a moment, an automobile was hovered by a huge metallic disc-shaped device with a dome on top, a ring of red lights in the middle, and a flashing yellow light at the bottom. Although the car’s engine was stopped and the ignition lights on the instrument panel were on, they were still moving at high speed. The light outside reached an almost blinding level of intensity, and as quickly as it started, it was gone.

O Caso Bizarro das Abduções Alienígenas do Kentucky

With full control over the car at this point, Mona was able to continue driving and they eventually reached Smith’s house without incident. They quickly noticed that the kitchen clock read 1:20, indicating that the 35-mile journey had taken just over two hours instead of the usual 45 minutes. Neither of them could explain any of this, and when they went to the local police and marine office to report it, neither of them was interested in hearing the explanation.

A local TV station received the information from the Navy, and it was soon widely publicized in the media. Jerry Black, a UFO researcher with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), was alerted to this and scheduled an interview with the three women. All three ladies reported having intense dreams they couldn’t remember, as well as unquenchable thirst and sudden, unexplained weight loss.

After their own investigations into the matter, Drs. J. Allen Hynek of the Center for the Study of UFOs (CUFOS) and Walter Andrus of MUFON were informed of the incident. To learn more about this lost time, Dr. Leo Sprinkle of the University of Wyoming consented to hypnotize women and regress them.

Only one of the three would go into hypnosis at this point, so Sprinkle performed a preliminary regression under hypnosis. This initial session was unsuccessful as Stafford became very upset and started crying as they tried to get back past seeing a red light in the sky. After that, the case was quiet for a while because they didn’t want to push the women too fast and wanted them to take some time to relax.

During the sessions, the women were able to provide more information about lost time than ever before. James Young, a detective with the Lexington Police Department, administered lie detector tests to each of them as well.

O Caso Bizarro das Abduções Alienígenas do Kentucky

Three ladies who were taken aboard a vessel and had to undergo physical examinations spoke to Newsround about their experiences. All spoke of being confined, placed in awkward positions and subjected to often unpleasant or painful treatments. They were aware that they had been repeatedly poked and prodded, as well as having hot liquid applied to them.

The women couldn’t remember much of the alien entities other than describing them as “shadowy shapes” about five feet tall, and what little they could remember often didn’t make much sense. The qualities of the alien beings themselves seemed hazy and often indescribable. The beings were often depicted as hovering near them or gliding through the air, and they were also said to have floating “eyes”. About these descriptions of the beings, one of the investigators said:

They also remembered the frightening “one eye” or “two eyes” that also loomed over them. Mona remembered a single glowing purple eye that radiated lightning-like rays. Elaine also joined the other two in describing the strange events. She remembered “two eyes” of a round head in deep darkness. One eye, she said, was a “beautiful blue”, surrounded by a membranous blue lid, like a tortoiseshell, and the other eye appeared dark. Louise saw several different forms of beings during her ordeal, but she was so scared that she closed her eyes and didn’t look at them. However, a few months later, she described her view of humanoids similarly to her two friends; adding that his hands looked like jagged wing tips.

As the investigation progressed, it would be discovered that the women’s suffering was supported by evidence. UFO researcher and author B.J. Booth commented on this: “Other witnesses who had no relationship or contact with the women also reported UFO sightings in the vicinity at approximately the same time as the abduction, which further validates their claims.”

This case also had other UFO observers that night, independent of Stafford, Smith and Thomas. These sightings occurred in Casey and Lincoln counties, Kentucky. About two hundred meters from the kidnapping, a couple observed from the window of their house a “large, luminous object” that passed over the Stanford area. This occurred around 11:30 pm. The couple wanted to remain anonymous. Other observers have reported too, describing a ring of “reddish orange” lights around a disc-shaped flying object. Two teenagers, on a joy ride, claimed they chased a low-flying UFO after it hovered over the Angel Manufacturing Plant at Stanford. They pursued the strange object to Danville, and there reported the object to the police.

Another very significant report came from the owner of the property where the three women were kidnapped. The farmer claimed that “down the road” from his home, he witnessed an unusual low-flying object that shot a beam of white light onto the ground. Could this have been the exact moment of the kidnapping itself? The added strength of a well-conducted investigation makes this one of the most cited events in UFO annals around the world. This report would include not only abduction but other validating sightings, physical evidence, animal reaction and electromagnetic effects. Not only was this case fully reported and researched, it was followed up; determining the long-term effects on the health and lives of these three highly regarded women.

We are left with questions. How did these women end up? Is there something to this, or is it just a hoax or maybe a collective delusion? What should we do with contemporary confirmation reports? Whatever the situation, this incident adds to the long list of similar ones, demonstrating once again just how bizarre the UFO phenomenon can be.


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