Ex-Area 51 Engineer: “We Capture Aliens and Use Their Technology”

Bill Uhouse, a former Area 51 engineer, said he worked from 1966 to 1979 in the base’s secret facilities. There he realized that the United States is holding aliens captive while stealing their technology.

Uhouse passed away in 2009, but he left us one of the biggest revelations in ufology. He worked as a mechanical engineer at Area 51 alongside a gray alien known as “J-Rod”.

Bill Uhouse and the Truth About Area 51
The former engineer assured that he worked with J-Rod to build a flight simulator for training Air Force pilots. These pilots would fly advanced USAF stealth reconnaissance craft developed by reverse-engineered UFOs.

He explained that he communicated with the alien through technology that adapts its use to humans. Sophisticated translation software allowed human scientists and engineers to work alongside alien Grays, communicating via telepathy.

According to Uhouse, J-Rod showed the humans in the facility how to control and fly a UFO.

It is claimed that there are different races of Greys. This breed includes Tall Greys, Short Grays and other human-sized Greys. However it is unclear which race J-Rod represented on Earth.

Uhouse also stated that reverse engineering research work done by humans and aliens is not a new thing. In fact, it operates in different underground installations across the country. Some of the more well-known bases are Area 51 and Dulce Base.

The Dulce underground facility located under Archuleta in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico is believed to be much more massive and important than Area 51.

Deal with Aliens
According to reports from former workers, construction of the facilities by the government began with 2 presidents; Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower. They were built so that alien scientists could work.

The treaty with the aliens included an agreement whereby the government allowed the aliens to establish underground research facilities. There, biogenetic research would be carried out to develop hybrid beings with humans.

To facilitate this investigation the government allowed the abduction of a limited number of humans to be used for study. In return the aliens would provide advanced technology, especially aerospace.

Therefore it is believed that most cases of abduction come from the Grays or Reptilians for such experiments.

Although authorities know that the aliens violate the terms under which the 1950 agreements were signed, they have not been able to stop them.

Each underground facility is equipped with extensive engineering laboratories. The facility also has sections where they experiment with human and alien abductees.

Bill Uhouse’s statements join a long list of reports about underground bases and alien deals that have been downplayed by the media machinery…

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