2022: Another Year of Mysteries and Speculations About Extraterrestrial Life

It has been an exciting year for those who are hoping to find out more about the possibility of alien life. In January, experts noted that 2022 could be the turning point in the search for truth about the UFOs. According to Mark Rodeghier, the scientific director of a UFO research center in Chicago, the advancements in software tools and technology that have been made in the study of these objects have attracted more qualified individuals.

More people are now qualified to study the subject of alien life after seeing the advancements in software tools that can help in the investigation of the matter.

In April, the US Department of Defense released more than 1,500 pages of documents related to the extraterrestrial nature of objects. These documents, which came from the AATIP, covered incidents from 2007 to 2012. Some of the cases included multiple medical reports and the injuries sustained by individuals after allegedly being hit by flying saucers.

Some of the injuries reportedly caused by the flying saucers included nerve damage, headaches, heart palpitations, and electromagnetic radiation. It’s not clear how the AATIP conducted its investigation procedures.

Two scientists presented a solution to the issue of the Fermi paradox in May. They noted that an intelligent society capable of space travel may eventually fail due to how their energy demands exceed their innovation.

The scientists suggested that advanced alien civilizations could try to limit their energy usage by going dark. This would prevent them from broadcasting signals to other extraterrestrial entities.

In June, a group of researchers presented a device that they claimed could be an artificial alien vessel that could support life on Mars. The object, which was found in a geological formation known as the Medusae Fossae, was described as a high-technology artifact that looked like it was made of a metallic alloy. However, some experts doubt the discovery, as it could actually be a natural feature.

The search for alien life continued to have setbacks in 2022. In July, a group that’s focused on finding signs of intelligent alien life announced that it didn’t detect any signals from these objects. The project, which was funded by philanthropist and billionaire Yury Milner, has been using various telescopes to look for electromagnetic signals coming from other star systems.

Israeli entrepreneur Yuri Milner, used the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia

After analyzing soil samples taken by the ExoMars rover in August, the ESA revealed that there were traces of microbial life on the planet. However, they weren’t able to find proof of complex life forms. The presence of nutrients and water on the surface of Mars made the microbes resilient.

Despite the setbacks encountered in the search for alien life, the question of whether or not humans are alone in the universe is still being pursued.

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