Russian Navy Is Waging a Secret War with Aliens at the Bottom of the Ocean for Decades

British UFO researcher and former MUFON representative in England, Philip Mantle has reported that Russian submarines are waging a secret war with alien craft in the depths of the ocean. During the Soviet era it was restricted to talk about UFOs and OSNI, but when it disintegrated some files came up with shocking information about alien spacecraft. The declassified documents said that the Russian navy found these unidentified objects technologically superior to land vehicles.
Philip Mantle in collaboration with author Paul Stonehill, wrote the book “Russia’s USO Secrets: Unidentified Submersible Objects in Russian and International Waters”, where they talked about Russian veterans’ secret encounters with alien technology and UFOs underwater.

The book in particular talks about a strange incident that took place in the Bermuda Triangle in 2009. According to former nuclear submarine commander Yury Beketov many mysterious events also took place in the Bermuda Triangle region. Devices failed for no apparent reason. He believed that UFOs were behind it.

“We have repeatedly observed that devices register the movement of material objects at an unimaginable speed. We measured some speeds – it’s around 230 knots (400 km per hour). Such speed is difficult to create on the surface, only in the air. But there is gigantic resistance in the water. As if the laws of physics didn’t apply to these objects. There is only one conclusion: The creatures that created such material objects significantly surpass us in development,” said Beketov.

Another Navy intelligence captain, Igor Barclay said that the unidentified submerged objects were seen in the places where the Russian navy and NATO fleet are concentrated. He said: “This is the Bahamas and Bermuda, Puerto Rico. UFOs are often seen in the deepest part of the Atlantic – south of the Bermuda Triangle and in the Caribbean.”

The book also contains stories from former Soviet servicemen about aggression by unidentified underwater objects during the Cold War. Lieutenant Commander Oleg Sokolov said that while on duty he saw a strange object sticking out of the water through the periscope.

Top secret Kremlin documents / Image credit: The Sun

Another team watched a cigar-shaped UFO shoot three beams of light into the Atlantic Ocean. According to eyewitnesses the object was 200-250 meters long. The UFO was slowly descending into the ocean, making a strange hissing sound about half a mile from the submarine but was not detected by radars.

Marine scientists from Sevastopol (now Russia) noticed that they saw a giant “wheel” rotating under the Black Sea. This happened while they were diving in the sea. There are records of how a Soviet submarine collided with the gigantic underwater object heading towards the coast in 1951.

The captain ordered the dropping of bombs in the OSNI’s path, but the object did not react to the attack and continued on its course before surfacing. At a depth of 50 meters, it stopped, changed course and left.

The authors provide information about the observation of UFOs by Soviet sailors in the Mediterranean Sea in July 1978. At that time, the captain of the Soviet motor ship Yargora immediately sent a radiogram to the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, stating that the pearl-colored object white was shaped like a flattened sphere.

The UFO image was taken in Kazakhstan in April 1995

Furthermore, other UFOs appeared near Soviet submarine bases which forced the General Staff of the USSR to take them seriously.

The book also publishes the results of a study by the Commission on Anomalous Phenomena of the Russian Geographical Society in St Petersburg, which concluded that “UFOs are real”.

According to Philip Mantle researchers are now taking the UFO phenomenon very seriously and it will be a new chapter in the study of UFOs in the future.

The most interesting encounter of the Russian military took place under Lake Baikal in 1982. Seven Russian navy trained divers claimed to have seen humanoids about 9 feet tall, 50 meters deep in the lake during a survey mission. They wore tight silver suits and spherical helmets on their heads. It was surprising for the divers to see them without scuba gear, breathing underwater.

The divers decided to catch one of them, but the entities reacted with a powerful force that propelled the entire group of divers from the deep waters to the surface. Due to rapid decompression three divers died while others were seriously injured.

A former British government Ministry of Defense official, Nick Pope said: “These strange humanoid figures were much larger than human beings and appeared to be wearing some sort of helmet.”

In 1959 the Soviet jet plane TU-104 Camel was chased by a UFO while flying over Lake Baikal. “Before falling into the lake the ship’s captain allegedly informed dispatchers about an unidentified flying object moving in the sky. Everyone present in the control room at that time had to sign a confidentiality agreement. And people fishing in the nearby lake saw a flying saucer chasing the falling plane – it followed the aircraft until it crashed into the water.”

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