Hundreds of UFOs spotted over Argentina and transmedial UAP registered on Lake Titicaca

Something strange and unidentified is happening in the sky over many countries in South America, and no one seems to have an explanation for this … nor an assessment of whether and when these UFO events will stop. In late October 2022, commercial airline pilots began noticing unexplained lights over the state of Santa Catarina in the far southeast of Brazil.

In early November 2022, pilots from other airlines confirmed that they had also seen the lights and reported maneuvers that are physically impossible for any known aircraft. This week it seems that UFOs have moved to Argentina and Bolivia.

Numerous witnesses in the province of Entre Rios in east-central Argentina have reported seeing hundreds of unexplained lights in the sky, and a video has surfaced in Bolivia of what is being called a “flying saucer” seen on the surface of Lake Titicaca before submerging into the water. then take off from the water into space. Have aliens discovered the many wonders, minerals and precious metals of South America? Or are the Nazca lines finally drawing them back?

“Truck drivers told us that while driving across the Victoria-Rosario Bridge they saw strange lights in the area and for that reason we drove to Cerro de la Matanza and could see over Laguna del Pescado.” (The Daily Sun) is one of many media sites that interviewed Andrea Pérez Simondini of the UFO Museum (or UFO Museum), who interviewed witnesses reporting strange lights over the town of Laguna del Pescado in the county Victoria. The UFO Museum was founded in 2005 by Silvia Simondini, the current director of the museum.

Victoria is also home to Vision Ovni (Ufo Vision), an Argentine national UFO research organization founded in 1991 after the Argentine media began reporting sightings of strange lights emanating from Laguna del Pescado Lake. Needless to say, the locals are no stranger to strange lights.

“A month and a half ago, neighbors denounced flying at very low altitude with red and white flowers in the Laguna del Pescado area.”

Luckily, the locals have Andrea Perez Simondini, who told Cronica that witnesses she spoke to claimed the lights were at low altitude and formed triangular formations of three lights. Some might wonder if they were drones, but the video accompanying the report (see it here) says the UFOs number in the hundreds and have been in the air for too long to be drones.

The low altitude would also rule out SpaceX satellite lines, while the motions would rule out meteor showers because some of the lights “moved up, others crossed each other, and some just moved horizontally.” UFO researcher Fernando Silva Hildebrandt checked and found no satellites or commercial aircraft in the area during the sightings.

Could these UFOs have come from Lake Laguna del Pescado? Remember, that’s where the truckers reported seeing the lights. Here, in 2011, UFOs were seen and oval “alien” footprints were allegedly discovered.

Luckily, Andrea Pérez Simondini was able to capture the latest UFOs on a mobile phone in video and photographs showing three red lights “which varied in intensity and had incredible movement, with comings and goings and also with circular maneuvers.” Simondini seems to be thinking. UFOs are associated with Laguna del Pescado, located in the Paraná Delta, and with the recent flooding of the river.

“The testimonies coincide in attributing the phenomenon to the flood of the river. Because after two years of drought, now that the water is rising, the number of sightings is also increasing. this pushes us to deepen the verification issues, but the locals attribute this to water entering the area. ”

The UFO Museum confirms that UFO reports over Laguna del Pescado coincided with the flooding of the Parana River. Are these lights man-made or could they be medium-sized UFOs disturbed by flooding? Simondini has no idea.

“The phenomenon surprised us, and what we saw, like its movements, is very difficult to explain.”

Speaking of transmedia UFOs…

“The official video of Al Rojo Vivo. Residents of the Lake Titicaca area in Bolivia claim to have seen a UFO plunging into a body of water.”

A video shown by the Al Rojo Vivo news magazine (see it here) contains footage of what witnesses in Bolivia say is a flying saucer that sank in Lake Titicaca in the Andes on the border of Bolivia and Peru. Journalists say that witnesses were then stunned by the actions of this “flying saucer”.

“They saw a strange device floating in this place just before it plunged into the lake and then fired into space.”

Is a flying saucer associated with bright lights?

Swimming, diving, and then shooting into space sounds like the classic definition of unidentified transmedium phenomena…the new darlings of the UFO world after US Navy pilots filmed what appear to be transmedium UFOs flying over the Pacific Ocean before fading away and disappear. no damage to the water.

Unfortunately, this is all we have about this sighting for now, and the video only shows something disc-shaped but unrecognizable in the water. With so little evidence, it’s hard to speculate with any certainty as to what this object might be, or the credibility of eyewitness accounts… except for the fact that pilots and witnesses have seen many strange UFOs in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, and other countries in recent times. . Peru.

Add to that the fact that seasoned UFO researchers like Silvia Pérez Simondini say “(I) have never seen anything like it.” Andrea Pérez Simondini told Cronica that she would expand her research on these phenomena because she noticed something strange about them – the “lights” appear at the same time, with the same address and with the same flight characteristics in different parts of the country and in different countries. neighboring countries.

“They see them here in Victoria, in different parts of the world: Entre Rios, Santa Fe, Cordoba and even Chile.”

Aliens invaded South America? Or will these UFOs be explained as “Chinese drones” as the US Department of Defense believes most encounters with US military personnel should be attributed?

We will watch the skies over South America. Those who live there should too, because, as Andrea Pérez Simondini said:

“The phenomenon surprised us, and what we saw, like its movements, is very difficult to explain.”


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