US Government Has a Treasury of UFO Evidence and Most of It Is Under Lock

The government has a treasure trove of UFO evidence and most of it remains locked behind secret doors.

The government probably has a treasure trove of UFO evidence locked behind secret doors. Governments around the world have secretly studied UFOs for decades. Although this is commonly known by the people, the government has never really wanted to recognize it.

Then around 2017 things changed drastically when a series of UFO videos were leaked to the public showing interactions between US Navy pilots and objects that seemed to defy the known laws of physics.

The objects seen in the videos were unlike anything we’ve developed over the years. UFOs have no wings, no visible propulsion system, and appear to be transmedium objects. This means they can operate in air, water and space. As a result, UFOs were renamed UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon).

The Pentagon has changed a lot when it comes to UFOs. In the past they have denied any involvement in Unidentified Flying Objects. It then became clear that millions of dollars were being spent studying UFOs when whistleblowers decided to speak out. Suddenly, it was no longer a surprise that the government was involved in the study of UFOs.

A Treasury of UFO Evidence
But the past has shown us that the government has always been involved in these objects. And there are thousands of reports that remain sorted into objects that defy explanation.

blue book project

Examples of past UFO studies include “Project Blue Book”.
However, Project Blue Book was not the only study of its kind. The Sinais project was also created to study the phenomenon.

J. Allen Hynek (Reprodução/History)
In the center, the last Director of the Blue Book Program, Major Hector Quintanilla (Reproduction/Daily Mail/Alamy)

Project Blue Book was active between 1952 and 1969.

So it is more than evident that for decades the government has been collecting and storing UFO reports. And it is even more obvious that most of these reports remain a closely guarded secret.

I believe we only know 2-maybe 3% of what the government knows about UAPs. And that’s a shame. If we are to find out what these items are more confidential documents need to fall into the right hands. In the hands of scientists and researchers.

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