Athos Salomé ”Living Nosterdamus”, who predicted Covid and war in Ukraine, claim aliens would descend on Earth in 2023 Via portal located at Area 51

Athos Salomé has been dubbed the ‘living Nostradamus’, and he claims the conspiracy theory-riddled Area 51 US air base is home to a three-dimensional underground portal

A soothsayer dubbed the ‘living Nostradamus’ has made some shocking predictions for 2023 and it sounds like we’ve got a rough year ahead. Athos Salomé claims to be able to see into the future and said he knew about many huge news events before the rest of us, as the Daily Star reports.

Now he’s turned his attention to the not-so-distant future, and shared what we can expect next year, and it sounds like it’ll be a game-changer. Athos said that an underground portal is set to open under Area 51 – and to make matters worse, he said that Elon Musk already knows all about it.

Athos said: “There is a tunnel below ground level in the Area, leading to a three-dimensional portal, which is due to open in 2023.

“This portal would be able to transport people between space/time dimensions. There is a tunnel that leads to another place and this access is what everyone wants to play God or gods.

“It may seem an impossible reality, but it is used and worked through the occult sciences. In the same way, this happens in Antarctica, as if these were all connected.”

Athos Salomé has been dubbed the living 'Nostradamus'
Athos Salomé has been dubbed the living ‘Nostradamus’

Area 51 is a 2.3million acre US Air Force base in remote Nevada, US, and fans of the highly classified section of desert will know satellite images reveal a little network of airstrips, which according to BBC News, stretch up to 12,000ft.

The official US military line on the secretive facility is that it represents “a flexible, realistic and multidimensional battle-space to conduct testing tactics development, and advanced training”.

Athos believes Tesla and Twitter boss Elon Musk has an idea of the power that lies sub-terrain in Area 51 that can be harnessed for futuristic technology.

Athos refers to the billionaire’s light-hearted response to the 2019 movement of social media users storming Area 51, in which he captioned a meme saying: “SpaceX has Area 59.”

The fortune teller added: “What is hidden there is so powerful that, recently, billionaire Elon Musk even revealed in an interview that his company SpaceX not only has a secret area of advanced technology, which has become known as Area 59, but according to the businessman, develops much more robust projects and prototypes.”


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