John Lear: “We Control Alien Technology And There Are Colonies On Mars.”

John Lear, a former CIA pilot, has made startling revelations, including that the US government has been making secret trips to the Moon since 1962, using alien technology.
John Lear (1942-2022) was a captain in the United States Air Force and also a CIA pilot. He was the son of the inventor of the Lear jet (a type of engine) and flew more than 150 test planes. He also held 18 world speed records.

As a good pilot, he worked for 28 different aviation companies. He earned most of the distinctions awarded by the Federal Aviation Administration: Aircraft Transportation Rating, Flight Instructor, Ground Instructor, Flight Navigator, Engineer, Aircraft Dispatcher, Aircraft Engine and Structure Mechanic, Harness and Operator of towers.

During the 1980s and 1990s he began to speak out, revealing confidential information. Here are some of the facts he provided in an interview he conducted on the Coast to Coast radio show:

In 1953, an alien ship crashed and captured the ET (named EBE 3 – Joe Road, also confirmed by Dan Burisch) who used the US government air forces to build spaceships with alien technology.

In 1962 they had vehicles that couldn’t go faster than the speed of light, like ET vehicles, but fast enough to get to the moon in an hour. They could make regular trips to Mars. “We were making regular trips to Mars in 1966.”

Mercury, Apollo and the rest of the missions were just screens to divert the public’s attention from what we were really doing. We were building various buildings on the Moon.

In 1966 they landed on Mars and have since explored most of the planets in our Solar System. They have also discovered that in some of them there is life very similar to ours.

During the 1970s, before NASA began to delete without trace the photos taken by Apollo 8, 10 and 11 and published in 1971 in the NASA book SB2-46, you could see a city, a base space, tubes, roads, vegetation, air, an atmosphere and a gravity of 66% relative to Earth on the Moon. You could also see light, mining activities and a nuclear reactor. To achieve this, extraterrestrial collaboration was needed and many of the buildings were already there before operations began on the Moon. This has happened for the last 40 years.

John Lear’s father had been involved in anti-gravity technology programs in the mid-1950s, technology that remains top secret to this day. According to a John Lear source within the US government, he “could say” three things: that we have been going to the Moon since 1962, that the population of Mars is around 600 million and equal to us , and that he had worked with a part of the mining team that was going to go to the Moon. This source told John Lear that the equipment “was built in Alabama and it was so big that when we finished the project, I took a small plane and flew over it to get an idea of how big it was.”

There are many authors of great weight, military or experts in espionage and space aeronautics, who confirm many of these incredible statements, such as Colonel Phil Corso, David Wilcock, Glen Steckling, Henry Deacon or Gilbert Levin. These people are not just crazy, but are key figures in space research.

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