UFO Sighting on State Route 51 in Arizona, 2023

On January 15th, 2023, a man and his family had a close encounter with a group of unidentified flying objects while driving on Arizona State Route 51. The witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, was on his way to pick up his wife and two sons from the airport when he noticed extra lights hovering above the highway. At first, he estimates there were six lights, but he was able to confirm seeing five in a pentagon formation, evenly spaced.

The witness was able to capture a photo from the back seat of the car, which confirms the presence of five lights. He also attempted to record a video using his iPhone, but due to the glare from streetlights and the dirty windshield, it was difficult to make out any details. However, the video does show a decrease in the number of lights, from four at the beginning to three in a perfect triangle formation.

The witness reports that the lights were beneath low cloud cover and appeared to be close. He initially thought they may have been flares from the United States Air Force, but upon further reflection, realized they looked different from any flares he had seen before.

Other witnesses in the area also reported seeing the lights, including a woman in Cottonwood, Arizona, who was unable to upload her own video of the event. The time stamp on the witness’s recording is 9:41 PM.

The witness is unsure of what to make of the sighting, but he is convinced that it is a legitimate encounter with something unknown. He is also curious to know if there was any military activity in the area at the time and wants to rule out flares as the explanation.

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