The Day a UFO Attacked and Burned a Person “The Falcon Lake Incident in Canada”

The Falcon Lake incident in Canada is the best documented incident in Canadian history.

Stefan Michalak, 51, was a Polish citizen who had emigrated to Manitoba. He worked as a welding mechanic and was very interested in geology. He often traveled to places close to his village to examine quartz formations in those areas where they were very common.

May 20, 1967. Around noon that day Stefan approached a marshy area near a small creek in the Falcon Lake area and heard a loud swooshing of geese flying in the distance. What he felt at that moment was so strange that he was startled by the strange behavior of the birds.

A few meters away he stopped, looked up and noticed on a nearby esplanade two cigar-shaped metal objects (tubular) on top there were domes. The objects were at a certain altitude and descending at 45 degrees, descending and glowing.

According to his account, one of the ships landed and the door opened, as he approached he said he heard strange voices inside but he could not see anyone although he could see lights flashing of different colors inside the other ship remained like that, a few feet in the air for a few minutes before going upstairs.

Moments later he approached to try to discover if it could be some kind of military aircraft but the hatch closed and the craft began to rise above the ground spewing hot jets and causing explosions of air or gas that came out of a few moments of the openings on one side. of the flying object, throwing Stefan a few meters away by the propulsion and starting to set fire to his shirt.

It gave him very strange and deep burns on his chest and abdomen, also burning the hat he was wearing and a glove with which a few seconds before he had touched the ship leaning against it to look inside.

It was then that he ripped off his burning clothes as the craft took off and flew away. He also remembers smelling a strong sulfur smell at the time.

The police initially did not believe Stefan’s account of what happened there, although he made drawings showing what the craft looked like. A police officer even said that he showed obvious signs of drunkenness, although he denied that Stefan smelled of alcohol.

He based this on the fact that his condition showed that he was scared, disoriented, had slurred speech and his eyes were very red.

Stefan refused at any time to let the officers near him for fear of being contaminated with the object’s radiation.

When he showed officers the wound marks on his chest and abdomen, he too refused to let them touch or examine him.

The report states that Stefan made marks or wounds on his body with some sort of black substance, most likely wood ash. At no time did they believe his version of events.

The police then offered to take Stefan wherever he wanted but as he was afraid of the radiation he refused to go home fearing for his family and son and stayed in a motel.

A few days after the event Stefan approached a local newspaper to tell his story and see if they believed him and showed interest in what had happened.

To avoid gossip, he denied having drunk alcohol on the day of the incident, although a witness, a young waiter at a nearby bar, claimed to have sold him several bottles of beer the night before.

The curious thing about this case is that the burns on the abdomen came and went for a while and for several weeks after the incident he suffered from severe diarrhea, headaches, vomiting, weight loss and often disoriented.

Stefan’s son Stan, who was 9 years old at the time, still remembers seeing his sick and injured father when he arrived home a few days after the incident. He said he spent several weeks recovering in bed looking pale, disoriented.

Many years later, on the 50th anniversary of this strange event, his son decided to write a book about it, called “When They Appeared”.

Years later, Stefan passed away at the age of 83 in 1999. And I don’t think we’ll ever really know what happened that day…

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