Holes in the Clouds Are 100% Proof of Alien Spacecraft Passage, San Antonio, Texas

Some presenters have tried to explain these cloud holes by making up everything they can, like trying to say that their planes punch holes in clouds. Wow, no… planes wouldn’t do that. I worked in the USAF on B1 Lancer bombers and no they don’t do that. But I wouldn’t expect a meteorologist to understand aircraft. Date of sighting: January 26, 2023, Location of sighting: San Antonio, Texas, USA

These holes are made by huge UFOs that came from underneath underground bases or came from space and then broke through the clouds as they went to an underground base.

UFOs have energy shields that they use to appear invisible or camouflaged. UFOs push into the clouds to hide and when they come out…a hole is left for up to 15 minutes after they come out. The faster the UFO, the more perfect the edges of the whole.

These UFOs were moving fast but not super fast, they were probably descending ready to enter a tunnel in the Texas desert going to the alien base.

This photograph was also taken in Channelview, East Harris County, Texas

How do I know this? Easy case of UFO over O’hare airport. See, the O’Hare Airport UFO incident where UFOs make holes in clouds, as proven by many eyewitness accounts of the event. Furthermore the 90 page MUFON report they wrote also claims that these eyewitnesses saw this happen.

The UFO over O’Hare (November 2006) hovered there for several minutes disturbing the pilots and radar tower, then shot out at an angle cutting a round hole in the low level clouds which remained there for over 15 minutes. So yes UFOs make holes in clouds. However, it looks like in some clouds the UFO came from above as you can see that the jagged edges have been pushed down instead of up.

100% proof that several huge UFOs flew over San Antonio, Texas and entered an alien base located somewhere outside of San Antonio. Scott C. Waring – Taiwan

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